Insanity: Chapter Five


Chapter Five

~First Mission~

Day One

The sun crept over to Fang’s bed where he lay, chest bare, asleep and exhausted from the months and weeks that led up to the night before. His breath was slow and even. The clock on the wall seemed to time each breath. The clock read that it was nearly six-o-clock. The sun, though the window, was just touching the horizon and sent a long streak of light from one side of the room to the other. At this exact moment, Fang woke up.

For a moment he lay there in his large bed and listened. Eventually, he pulled himself out of bed and started to get ready for the day. He walked to his dresser and pulled out the day’s clothes. Then he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and hair. After that he changed into his clothes and put on his coat. He’d fix his bed and open the curtains all the way. One last look in the mirror and he exited his room and into the large house.

Right out side his room was a beautiful hallway filled with sculptures and paintings. Then the hallway opened to a balcony. The balcony was joined by three hallways known now as Fang’s Hallway, the Boy’s Hallway, and the Girl’s Hallway. The balcony descended and divided into two different stairs, one on either side, both in a kind of semi circle.

Fang walked down one of the steps onto the main floor. He started to walk down the hallway under the balcony that led to the backyard door. But before that, it passed by the kitchen, the living room, the pool room, the dining room and such. He walked into the kitchen, it was a rather large kitchen, and started cooking breakfast. Fang set some tea brewing on the stove and set up everything else. He had pancakes, eggs and bacon and squeezed orange juice and poured the milk. When something was ready he brought it to the dining room and set in on the table. The warm things he covered in silver domes. When cooking was done, he cleaned the kitchen, grabbed a nice cup and poured his tea. He sat at the head of the dining table and waited.

The clock read five minutes to seven. He sat and took a long soothing sip of tea. Then the clock bells through out the mansion sounded. After the chimes there was silent, slowly but surly the others started to wake up.

“I win!” Arisa shouted as she barged though the dinning room doors, “Come on, Blue!”

Blue followed close behind. He looked happy loosing to the twelve year old. Fang smiled. Since Blue had been here about a week Arisa had made him her go to. Whenever they went anywhere you would see those two together.

“Oh, geez,” Alister moaned, “Can you be any more noisy? You yellin’ ‘till ten in the mornin’.”

“W-w-what do we have t-t-this m-m-morning?” Penelope peeked over his shoulder.

“Looks like pancakes if you ask me,” Alister responded.

“Good morning, everyone,” Raven said as she glided to her seat in her robe.

“Good morning,” Fang responded.

Shadow followed gloomily behind. The shadows on the wall even seemed to stretch and widen as he passed. He wasn’t a morning person at all.

Everyone sat in their seat. Only the chair across from Fang at the other end was empty. They waited for permission to eat. Fang took one last sip of tea.

“Go ahead,” he said.

Almost instantly, the food was attacked by six hungry people. In the chaos Fang casually served himself while Alister and Arisa fought over the last bacon strip even if they already had a good amount on their plates. Blue sat quietly as he waited to serve himself after the food race died down. Raven ate her eggs quietly. Shadow gave anyone an evil eye to whoever tried to snatch a piece of his pancakes. Normally Fang would say something, but he let it pass for the day. He’d be stricter during lunch.

They were half way though breakfast when the phone rang. The room grew quiet as Fang stood to get it. It was an old-style phone, but still worked fine. Fang answered it. He listened to the other person the other end then hung up the phone.

“We leave in thirty minutes,” Fang said as he exited the room, “Be in the entrance way by then.”

The others hurriedly finished eating in order to get their things together. Fang walked to the main entrance and opened the door. He stood out of a rather large patio. There was a circled driveway that eventually leads to a black gate. Beyond the gate were some houses and just down the street was a local market place that made basic shopping easier. And off one of the streets was the Undertaker’s Pawn Shop.

The door opened behind him and Arisa ran out into the grass.

“I told you to stay inside,” he said.

“Sorry,” she said, but he knew she didn’t mean it.

She ran back up the patio steps and into Blue’s arms. He carried her back inside and closed the doors. Fang glanced at his watch. They left in five minutes. He walked back into the house. Everyone looked ready. Alister stood against a piece of furniture, his weapons in plain sight. Raven’s weapons were hidden under her cloak and Shadow’s daggers were hidden two. Blue and Arisa didn’t have any weapons, they depended on their powers more. And as for Penelope…she wasn’t there.

“I-I-I’m coming!” she called as she ran down the steps.

She tripped over her feet and fell to the bottom on the stairs. For the circumstances she was fine, but her glasses broke.

“Dang it!” she shouted, then she noticed the people staring at her, “I-I-I mean, shoot,” she stammered.

She reached into her satchel bag that she carried everywhere and pulled out another pair.

“Well, if we’re ready,” Fang said, “Let’s get going.”

They walked out of the house and through the gate. Arisa rode of Blue’s back as they walked though the small city on the island. It was far enough from the main city where the Tower was located but this city was more mellow and easygoing. They got smiles and waves from the people who were out in the street or were looking out their windows. As they walked, the housed and two floor apartments turned into small businesses, like coffee shops and small chains. Soon they came to a square, Transaction Square as the locals called it, where the daily market was held. It wasn’t anything like the Great Market in the main city, but it was something. Vendors were already open for business. They walked past them and down one of the side streets where they came across the Pawn Shop.

“You all wait out here,” Fang said and walked in.

The bell rang as he entered. Reighn looked up wide eyed then upon realizing it was just Fang he looked back down at his writing. He rang the tiny bell on his tail. Soon the Undertaker entered though the door to the right of the desk. He smiled when he saw Fang.

“Now what brings you here?” he asked, his hands on his hips.

“You called me, remember?” Fang stated.

“Did I?” he smiled knowingly.

“Yeaps,” Reighn said.

“Well, if Reighn says so than I must have,” he walked to the door beside a bookshelf full of trinkets.

He stayed inside a while then walked out with a folder. Fang waited for him impatiently.

“Well, this must be what I needed to give you,” Undertaker laughed.

Fang looked at the Neuw, “How do you put up with him?”

The Neuw just shrugged and continued calculating profits and expenses. Fang took a look at the folder.

“Do you know anything about Victor Anthony?” Fang asked.

“I might,” Undertaker smiled.

“It says the Tower wants him apprehended. Is there any reason for that?”

“There might be.”

Fang looked at the Undertaker. The Undertaker said, giving nothing away of his thoughts or intentions.

“All I know is that Victor Anthony is the head of most of the crime here on the Island. Usually he and the Tower get along just fine but lately crime has gotten more violent. The Tower thinks it’s because of a new drug Victor released on the street. They’ve tried to contact him, but he refused to talk to them. I’m guessing the Tower just wants to show him who’s really in charge on the Island,” Undertaker explained.

“I was hoping for something bigger,” Fang sighed.

“Well, the Tower isn’t going to have you go across the world to deal with a high priority mission just yet. They may take risks but they aren’t stupid. They want to see how well you do here first before giving you real missions,” Undertaker tapped his nails on the desk.

“I’m guessing I can find him in the Alleys,” Fang stated.

“I heard he owns a club there,” Undertaker smiled, “It’s called the Tower Breaker. A bit on the nose, isn’t it?”

“I can see why the Tower is getting annoyed with him,” Fang noted. He put the folder in a pocket on the inside of his coat. “I’ll be seeing you,” Fang said as he left.

“I’m sure you will,” the Undertaker responded.

The others came alive as Fang walked out. Shadow, who had become Fang’s right hand, caught up with him.

“What was that about?” Shadow asked.

“We have a job,” Fang answered, “Victor Anthony, ever heard of him?”

“Only that he’s no one to take lightly,” Shadow answered.

Fang kept silent. His mind was going though details.

“‘Ey, Fang,” Alister called out, “why do they call ‘im the Undertaker, anyway?”

Fang looked at Alister at a side glance, “When he used to work for the Tower he sent many people do the morgue. If he was assigned to get rid of you, it was assured that you would be taken six feet under.”

“Oh,” Alister paused, “why is ‘e workin’ at a Pawn Shop then?”

“Not sure exactly, but my guess is that he grew mentally unstable.”

“Where are we going?” Raven asked.

“You all are going home,” Fang said, “I need to come up with a plan. To do that I need to see where the Tower Breaker Club is.”

“Aww, can’t we come?” Arisa whined, “Promise we’ll be good.”

“Say that about yerself,” Alister laughed, “I’d run in there and blow everyone’s brains out.”

“Y-Y-You can’t do that unless Fang says so,” Penelope spoke up.

“I’d put three daggers in you before you could move a muscle,” Shadow said.

“Oh, really, dagger-boy?” Alister smiled, “I’d like to see you try.”

As usual, Blue was the only one not saying anything. He seemed to zone out every time the others started arguing. Fang sighed and shook his head. Maybe if he acted now he could be gone before they even noticed. He seriously considered the course of action.


The Alleys

Fang leaned against a chimney on a near by building across from the Tower Breaker Club. He watched it for most of the day then when evening came he took out a note pad and started taking notes.

Fang didn’t really have any powers but ever since he died, he could just look at something and figure out and equation to fit it. He could look at an impossible equation and come up with the answer in seconds. Also, he could recite the seven thousandth digit of Π without any effort and that was simply because he got tired. He was already seeing a solution on how to apprehend Victor.

As he scribbled in his notebook, his scribbles were more like complex equations, the sun began to set. Satisfied with the results he went back to the mansion just as everyone was going to bed. Fang stopped by everyone’s room and said goodnight. Then he went to his room and sat at a desk. He threw the mission folder on it then brought out a pen and paper.

He started calculating weights of objects before he calculated exact weights of people. Then he went into a complicated series of equations that some how tied into the greater scheme of things. After a good hour, he smiled.

“There we go,” he muttered with satisfaction.

He committed what he had just written to memory. Then he tore the piece of paper up and threw it in the wastebasket. There was no use to have it around after he knew it already.

He hung his coat by the door and got ready for bed. It would be an interesting day tomorrow.

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