Insanity Chapter Four


Chapter Four

~How We All Met? – Part Four~

“Penelope Patience,” Fang read.

“Try saying that three times fast,” Undertaker muttered with a big goofy smile on his face.

“Neope,” Reighn said.

It was nearing closing time and the Neuw had just put away the log book and locked the cash register. The little creature was a much harder worker than his counter part. Fang wasn’t sure if the Undertaker knew this fact.

“Looks like she has multiple personalities,” Fang went on, “That could be useful.”


Penelope Patience

Penelope sat in her dark apartment filled with computers, laptops, gadgets, and manga. She sat wide eyed at one of her screens, her glasses reflecting what she was looking at. It appeared like she was trying to hack in to a database some where. She reached for her soda and took a sip when there was a knock at the door. Penelope nearly jumped out of her seat. She pressed a few buttons and stopped her hacking process.

“Uh-um, w-who is it?” she stuttered as she pushed her glasses up her nose.

She stood up and brushed crumbs of her blue and yellow shirt. She wore jeans and white tennis shoes. In a way she looked like ‘Where’s Waldo?’.

“I’m from the Tower,” the voice on the other side said, “I’m just here to talk.”

The first time he said Tower, Penelope was all over her apartment. She though some disks into her microwave to destroy any information that might be on there. Then she grabbed a huge magnet and ran them over her computer towers and laptops, erasing information. On her main laptop she clicked on a program that started deleting file after file. Of course she had a back up drive on a flash drive. She tied string on the end of the flash drive and tied the other end to her tooth then she swallowed the drive.

There was a knock at the door again, “Penelope?”

Penelope looked around, going through a check list in her mind. Everything looked in order.

“Penelope, I’m coming in,” the voice said.

Penelope hid behind one of her computers in the nick of time. The door flew open and Fang walked into the dark room. He saw the laptop on the table deleting file after file. Fang carefully walked deeper inside.

Outside the complex, four board people, two boys and two girls, sat or stood on the curb. Alister yawned as he stood against a lamp post with his automatic weapons clearly visible. Arisa sat in Shadow lap playing with one of his daggers. Shadow looked tired. Raven stood on Shadows left with her hood covering most of her face. It was hard to tell but she wasn’t having a good time either.

“Why did ‘e ‘ave to drag us along?” Alister complained, “What could possibly ‘appen that ‘e would need us ‘ere for?”

“Just be patient,” Raven answered, “I’m sure he has his reasons. He always does.”

Alister rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, I know that! I just wish he’d ‘urry up!”

Just then Fang flew through the wall with Penelope at his throat. They passed though a solid wall and fell on a passing car. Quickly, Alister drew one of his weapons and fired at the girl. She vanished and appeared just inches behind him. Raven drew a large long sword from her cloak and lunged at her. When the weapon was about to hit her she vanished again and appeared behind Raven. Shadow reacted quickly and threw three daggers at the girl. She dodged by doing back flips away from the threat. Arisa snapped her fingers and an explosion occurred in front of one of the shops that the girl was headed. They waited for the fire to die down to see if they got her. Penelope stood there unharmed and running towards them. The others raised their weapons in preparation to attack.

“That’s enough!” Fang shouted.

They all stopped and looked at Fang as he walked toward them. He didn’t look hurt other than the scratch on his right cheek. Penelope looked at him through broken glasses. She took them off, revealing purple eyes.

“This is Penelope Patience! She is a member of our team!” Fang shouted.

There were many ‘oh’s of understanding and nods of heads as the information sunk in.

“T-t-team?” Penelope asked.

Fang sighed as he calmed himself, “Yes, I need a team for my work with the Tower. If you had just let me explain I would have told you before you through me through a wall.”

The others looked interested. It took a lot to get Fang off guard.

“S-s-sorry,” she said.

“You can make up for it by following me,” Fang said as he walked though the crowd of people that had gathered.

The others followed behind him. Penelope looked after them then she glanced at her apartment. At least she wouldn’t have to pay room and board. She ran after them apologizing for the misunderstanding. Naturally, they forgave her but Fang kept his distance from her for the rest of the day.


Pawn Shop

“Well this is interesting,” Fang said as he studied the last file.

“Why’s that?” the Undertaker smiled.

“This one doesn’t have a name,” Fang explained.

“Well, then that must be Blue. Don’t know his real name. He never told me,” the Undertaker paused, “In fact I don’t recall him ever saying anything to anyone. If you look hard enough though you can see what he is saying though his eyes.”

“Interesting,” Fang stated.

“Yeaps,” Reighn scribbled something in the large log book.

“He spent most of his young life in Crawford Labs,” Undertaker continued.

“Crawford Labs?” Fang paused, “I think I’ve passed by that place before. Isn’t it closed now?”

The Undertaker nodded, “Since the public found out that they were using children in their experiments the U.S. Government shut it down and sent everyone involved to trial. They were trying to turn humans into us Others. It’s a wonder he escaped. Most of the kids who went in came out in body bags. The U.S. Government won’t tear the place down. Considering how many unmarked graves there are around the territory, the Lab is their only grave marker. ”

There was a moment of silence as Fang read the file.

“I night have seen him before,” he said quietly.



“There they are!”

“Get ‘em!”

“Over here!”

The boy later known as Blue ran through the dim hallways of Crawford Labs. The lights were all blue, making it hard to see very clearly. A girl ran just ahead of him. They were cell mates since as long as each of them could remember. A stream of scientists and guards were quickly gaining on them. Blue was no older than sixteen and the girl looked a year younger.

“This way,” the girl pointed to a fork in the hallway.

They both turned left. Neither child had any idea where they were going but they knew that they had to get out. Blue looked a little sick and the girl guessed that they, the scientists, had given him the Injection. He stumbled over his feet most of the time and held one hand to his head. He hadn’t said anything since they escaped their cell. That worried her the most. Blue loved to talk.

“Come on! We can make it! They can’t get us once we’re outside!” She encouraged him.

Large water pipes started to line the sides of the hallway. The girl wasn’t sure it that was good or bad but she knew they had to keep running.

“They can’t get that far!”

“We can get far,” she said to herself and her friend.

“Get then!”

“They can’t catch us,” she contradicted everything they said.

Blue gripped the side of his head in agony; his brown hair slipped though his fingers. His brown eyes were slightly unfocused. She had seen what the Injection had done to some of her other friends. They were either mutated or they never came back to their cells.

Blue whimpered a little.

The pipes released some of their pressure by making a hissss though some of their cracks. A drop of water fell on the girl’s neck. It was boiling and she screamed at the pain. But she kept moving. She pulled Blue along until she turned a corner and reached a pool of boiling hot water. It stretched down the hallway for a good twenty feet. She looked behind her and could see the tips of the chasing shadows behind them. Blue fell to his knees. The girl crouched with him with her arm around him.

Blue started to cry from the pain.

The pipes were really beginning to leak and drip now. The shadows grew longer and the girl started to feel defeat. The first of the scientists turned the corner. He smiled.

“There you are,” he said, “Their over here! Oh, and make sure we tell management about the leak this time!”

He was joined by guards and more scientists. Two of the scientists took out two syringes and four guards started to walk toward the two children. This was it. The girl gripped onto Blue even harder.

Blue’s crying got even louder.

The pipes started to rattle.

“I think we have a pluming problem down here,” the scientist said, “We really should get it fixed.”

The guards looked uncertain as they crept forward in order to not get burned by the boiling water.

Blue gripped his aching head with both hands.

The pipes rattled and steamed.

Blue couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t want the pain. He didn’t want to be captured. He didn’t want to die. He screamed. He screamed to make everything go away. The pipes burst and cooled. The guards and scientists screamed in horror before being suddenly silenced. Only when he heard the girl’s voice calming him did he stop.

He was shaking. He looked up at her face and notices something sticking to her blond hair. She looked down at him and smiled. Blue looked around him. Everything was coated in ice. The guards were trapped as they shielded their eyes and the scientists were in various stages of running away. The puddle of water behind them was a skating rink. He looked at her for an explanation.

“That was all you,” she said with a smile and a laugh, “You should look in a mirror too. Your hair is blue.”

She pulled him up and they made their way across the ice. Blue was surprised to notice his head didn’t hurt as much anymore. When they reached solid ground again they ran though the hallways. An alarm started going off and they started to hear people chasing them again.

They reached a metal ladder that went up through the ceiling.

“You go first!” the girl said.

Blue was about to protest when she shoved him to the ladder. He climbed and reached the top but the door was locked.

“Try freezing it,” the girl suggested, she was just behind him.

Blue grabbed a hold of the handle. Water formed around the handle then crackled into ice. The temperature change was so sudden that it shattered. Blue pushed open the door and climbed out into a street just out side of the Lab. Underground at least fifteen guards came just them from all directions. Blue pulled himself out quickly and waited at the edge for the girl to join him. She was about to take another step when one of the guards grabbed her leg. He held on to her and tried to pull her down from the ladder.

She lost her grip and fell.

“Run! Go, run!” she screamed.

Blue watched a second longer before turning around and running off into the city. Fang stood on one of the rooftops. He simply watched the child go. He would have liked to do something but he had assassins work to do and he couldn’t afford to be late.

There was a knock at the door of the large mansion. Fang was a little skeptical. He wasn’t expecting anyone that day and the others couldn’t have done the shopping that fast. He set down his tea and headed for the door. The person knocked again and he opened the door.

A man stood there. His blue eyes, from the Injection, looked Fang over. His blue hair had grown long over the years. He stood there without saying a word.

“You must the one they call Blue,” Fang said slowly.

He didn’t answer. His expression answered for him.

I guess, he said. His eyes seemed uncertain about the situation.

“Well, then, I guess I’d better let you in,” Fang left the door open so that Blue could walk in, “Your room is down the left hallway, second door to the right.”

Blue stepped in and the door closed behind him.

“Welcome home, Blue,” Fang said.


Pawn Shop

“I’ll tell him to stop by when I see him again,” Undertaker smiled, “Where shall I send him?”

“That’s the thing,” Fang sighed, “I don’t have a place big enough.”

“May I suggest the old Reaper building down the road apiece?” Undertaker laughed, “No one wants to buy because of the ghost rumors and such. Because no one wants it the city is thinking of tearing it down. But the relatives of Ol’ Man Reaper don’t want the property to go that way. I’m sure that you can talk down the price.”

Fang thought a moment, “I’ll look into it.”

He took the files in his arms and headed for the door. It was getting late out and the shop was going to close soon. Reighn had even put away his pencil expecting no more profits for the day. The Undertaker laughed in Fang’s wake.

“I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from him, ‘ey?!” he laughed like a mad man.

“Yeaps,” Reighn said as the bell above the door rang signaling the end of the day.

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