Insanity Chapters

Insanity is an original story that I wrote when I was in high school. It’s may be a little corny but it was the first story that I finished, at the time. I’ve also included some of the spin-offs I’ve made with these characters. Enjoy!

In a world where individuals are born with extraordinary abilities, Deviants are feared by humans. A safe haven called the Island exists where Deviants are allowed to live free from persecution. An intelligence and private military organization known as the Tower works to protect the world both humans and Deviants alike. But even a prestigious organization like the Tower needs those who do the dirty work.

Fang and his crew of Wolves do the jobs that the Tower officially cant.


Characters – A list of main characters, places and terms

Chapter One – How we all met?

Chapter Two – How we all met? (Part Two)

Chapter Three – How we all met? (Part Three)

Chapter Four – How we all met? (Part Four)

Chapter Five – First Mission

Chapter Six – The Tower Breaker is Broken

Chapter Seven – The Tower Breaker is Broken (Part Two)

Chapter Eight – What’s In a Name?

Chapter Nine – Wolf Walkers Walk Again

Chapter Ten – Tristan

Chapter Eleven – Underground and Dancing Dragons

Chapter Twelve – The Wolf among the Sheep

Chapter Thirteen – Final Battle

Chapter Fourteen – Final Battle (Part Two)

Chapter Fifteen – Final Battle (Part Three)

Chapter Sixteen – Downtime

Chapter Seventeen – Why Bother Having Odds?

Chapter Eighteen – New Trusts

Chapter Nineteen – Undertaker’s Perpetual Poking Attack!

Chapter Twenty – Frozen

Chapter Twenty-One – My Brain Has Turned To Oatmeal

Chapter Twenty-Two – Play and Repeat

Chapter Twenty-Three – Operation Fang

Chapter Twenty-Four – Operation Fang (Part Two)

Chapter Twenty-Five – Operation Fang (Part Three)