Mass Effect: Thunderbird Chapters

In 2157, humanity discovered it was not alone in the universe.

Fast forward to 2186, the Batarian Bahak system was destroyed following the explosion of its mass relay. Rumors float around the Galactic Community about an impending invasion from a sentient species called Reapers sent on destroying all organic life. Aria T’Loak defends Omega from Adjutants unleashed by a human group known as Cerberus, a human-survivalist group, forcing her to abandon the station.

In a time of so much Galactic uncertainty, a group of survivors find themselves thrown into something bigger than themselves. Can they make a difference if they work together?

Galactic Map – Take a Peak at the Galaxy we Live in.

Thunderbird Map – The Layout of the Ship and Basic Ship Directions

Characters – Get to know the Characters and their different Species. Will update when new characters and species are updated.

Chapter One – Invasion :: The mining station Omega is under attack. It’s a rush to get off the station before the invaders set up a blockade.

Chapter Two – The Gem of the Galaxy :: The refugees from Omega find themselves headed toward the center of galactic civilization.

Chapter Three – Purgatory :: A dangerous drell is let loose onto the station for unknown reasons.

Chapter Four – Thunderbird :: Take a look around the ship, a small power house built for speed.

Chapter Five – Straight of Messina (Part 1) :: Before they can go off on their mission they have to make a quick pit stop.

Chapter Six – Straight of Messina (Part 2) :: The crew meets the reason Yatka wanted to stop by the station before everything falls apart.

Chapter Seven – Project Overlord :: With a new team member comes a lot of explanation on Cerberus’ questionable tactics.

Chapter Eight – Quiet Moments :: Even with Faster Than Light speeds, travel isn’t instantaneous. Quiet moments allow the crew to interact and get to know each other better.

Chapter Nine – The Devourer :: The group find themselves in the Ma-at system not expecting to see what they find.

Chapter Ten – The Engineer :: The third of the Cerberus Elite members seems to be the smartest of the bunch. And she’s just as ruthless.

Chapter Eleven – Escape :: Everything seems grim. Can Tasi and the others make it out safely? Will they bring someone else along with them?

Chapter Twelve –  Artificial Intelligence :: Will their new ship guest be a friend or foe? On top of that, one of their allies isn’t who they thought they were.

Chapter Thirteen – AVI :: There is little known about AVI’s creation and her motives but she’s always been close to Kritt.

Chapter Fourteen – They Are Here… :: Using the information Tasi mined, it led them to another Cerberus facility. It seems Cerberus has a lot of these scattered around the galaxy.

Chapter Fifteen – Into the Abyss :: Damaged and needing repairs, the Thunderbird limps through the most lawless section of the galaxy.

Chapter Sixteen – The Legend :: The one and only Commander Shepard, hero of the Galaxy.

Chapter Seventeen – Barefaced :: The Intangible is Unstoppable.

Chapter Eighteen – War for Omega :: Aria’s ready to take Omega back from the clutches of Cerberus.

Chapter Nineteen – COMING SOON