Insanity: Chapter Six


Chapter Six

~The Tower Breaker is Broken~

Day Two

Fang woke up at his usual time, made breakfast at exactly the right time and enjoyed his first sip of tea just before the chaos erupted in the household. Breakfast was better behaved than the day before. They all seemed to be expecting something. Fang knew what they wanted but kept silent as he ate his French toast and sausage links. There was no point in hurrying; the club would only open later that day.

When everyone finished, they brought their dishes to the kitchen to be washed. It would be Raven’s turn to wash them today. After that, Fang walked into a large indoor glass room and sat by the fountain. Arisa and Blue played with the water while the others seemed to hover around him. After a while, Fang said something to get them all to calm down.

“Gather by the doorway at noon,” he said.

Alister had a wolfish grin on his face as he though about all the fun he would be having. Raven walked off to do the dishes and Shadow still stayed near Fang. Penelope opened her satchel and read her manga. Arisa and Blue didn’t seem to care either way.

At twenty to noon, the others started going to get ready. Fang walked slowly to the door way and waited for their arrival. When they got there, he inspected them.

He started with Shadow.

After checking his weapons Fang gave him another dagger and said, “Hide this somewhere. 35 minutes, cup, back table. 20 minutes, dagger.”

Shadow looked at him with a blank stare, “What?”

“You’ll see,” Fang stated.

He moved on to Raven, “30 minutes 47 seconds, table, left foot.”

Raven nodded but didn’t seem to know what she was nodding to.

Fang looked Alister over, “You’re too heavy,” he took a hand gun from Alister’s belt, looked to see how many bullets there were and took out all of them and handed it back to him, “10 minutes, shot gun, balcony. Aim to miss.”

“What’z’at suppose to mean?” Alister voiced but Fang moved on.

Fang looked down at Arisa. She smiled up at him.

“22 minutes 30 seconds, table, hands in air.”

Arisa frowned and crossed her arms, “You’re weird.”

“Penelope,” Fang said, calling her attention from her book, “22 minutes 20 seconds, bar, spray faucet. Travel by table top.”

Penelope pushed her glasses up her nose.

Fang moved on to Blue, “Blue,” he paused, Blue looked at him expectantly, “negative 5 minutes, back of bar. I’m sure you’ll know what to do.”

He stepped back a few paces, “You all have watches, set them for 45 minutes,” he waited until they did, “if you do exactly what I tell you, then we will have no issues. If you don’t, worst case scenario is that we all die; best case scenario is that we get by with our lives…barely. Do we understand each other?”

“What is it with stuff like ‘table’?” Alister raised his hand and asked.

Fang said, ignoring the question, “Don’t start your watches before I say so,” he turned around, “Let’s go get the job done.”


The Alleys

Fang and the others stood on a nearby roof, “Blue stays here. Start your watches,” he said before continuing on to the Tower Breaker Club.

On the out side it looked like a well kept rundown building. But on the inside it was full of people at barely past noon. They walked into the club. Everyone there grew quiet as they watched the strangers walk in. The bar tender stopped spraying alcohol into a glass cup though a spray faucet. The interior looked nice in the smoky haze that settled in the bar. There were wood tables dotted all over the place and couches in some of the corners. A flight of stairs ascended to a wooden balcony that overlooked the bar. Two strong looking men stood guard, one at the base the other at the top. A large door stood in the center of the back wall. Supposedly that was where Victor had his office.

“May-e ‘elp you?” the bartender asked in a scratchy voice.

Everyone watched them cynically. A man even took hold of a nearby shot gun.

“We’re here to see Victor,” Fang stated.

“I think we’d all feel more at ease if you were disarmed,” a voice said from the balcony, “Sylvester over there will take good care of your weapons.”

The door to the office was opened but it was hard to get a good look at who was speaking. Fang knew it was Victor. Sylvester, the bartender put down the cup and walked closer to them.

“Set ‘em on de counter,” he said.

The others didn’t move. Shadow glanced at Fang slightly and the tension grew when they didn’t do anything. Eventually, Fang nodded slightly. Shadow unloaded all of his daggers on the table while Alister un-slung his AK-47 and set it on the table carefully.

“You be careful with ‘at,” he eyed the bartender aggressively.

The bartender nodded half heartedly.

Raven took out her two long swords and set them down as well. Penelope’s eyes narrowed annoyingly as she lifted her pant leg and pulled out a hidden gun. Arisa stood nonmoving as everyone moved around her. Alister and shadow picked her up by the arms and Raven pulled her pant legs up and pulled out two small daggers. They weren’t anything dangerous. They were mostly used for self-defense. After that Alister went to reach for his hand guns. Fang stopped him when he reached for the empty one.

“It’s empty,” he said.

The bartender looked skeptical and asked to see it. Sure enough it was empty. He looked at the balcony. The silhouette nodded and the bartender handed back the empty gun. Alister looked at Fang. Why was it important he had the gun again?

When they were done, the bartender took the weapons in his arms and took them to the back. There was a rather loud crash as he set them on the floor carelessly. Alister seemed broken. He spent hours the night before tending to his weapons and they get treated like that? It wasn’t fair.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Shadow whispered.

“Do you remember what I told you?” Fang asked.

Shadow nodded.

“Then we should be fine,” Fang said, “I calculated all of this last night.”

“Calculated?” Shadow looked confused.

“So, what brings you here?” Victor asked, “Not often we get people with that much lead on them in here.”

Fang went to sit on a stool by the bar. He looked up at Victor.

“We’re here to turn you in to the Tower,” he said.

There was a dead silence both from those in the bar and the others in Fang’s team. Slowly though, the shadow began to laugh and so did the others in the bar until only Fang and the others were the only ones not laughing.

“Oh, really? I guess you didn’t think this though,” Victor laughed, “‘Cause I just took away your weapons. Did you really think that you could waltz in here and you would have me on my knees begging you to let me live?”

“Mostly,” Fang stated.

Victor stopped laughing, “Well, your stupidity has just ended your life.”

All around the bar people reached for their guns and knives, this was the Alleys after all. The only person without any weapon was the bartender. He stood there cleaning a glass cup.

Fang sighed.

“Any last wishes?” Victor asked.

“Well, I guess you couldn’t deny a man one last drink, could you?” Fang said.

Victor looked at the bartender, “I guess we could allow him one, on the house.”

The bartender nodded and filled the cup he was cleaning. He set the cup beside Fang. Fang took it and drank from it.

“You know, Shadow,” he said as he set the empty cup on the counter closest to Shadow, “I’d say it’s been ten minutes, wouldn’t you?”

There was a silent beep that seemed to echo though club. Ten minutes had passed leaving the timed watches at 35 minutes flat. Shadow reached for the cup and threw it at the far back table where a man sat holding an automatic weapon. The cup hit him in the face, knocking him out. After that, it was each to his own.

The Black team scattered though out the room. Raven went to engage a large six foot man. He held a club in his hand that was riddled with bits of nails and glass. As she approached he waved his club in an arch over his head. She jumped back as the club landed with a thud! on the floor. She ran up hazardous weapon and when she reached his arm she jumped, did a min air summersault, and landed behind him. Raven was about to attack when he kicked her and sent her stumbling back. She landed on her back and rolled out of the way when he attacked again. Raven rolled under a table but that didn’t last for long. The giant man smashed half the table. She got to her knees. Splintered wood was everywhere. She used the other half of the table to get to her feet. The man looked at her and raised the club again. She darted left, he situated himself to attack to the left. She moved right, he shifted his body right. Then her watch made a silent beep. Fifteen minutes had passed by. She looked at the table and did the math. Raven pushed the table with all her might and tipped it over. The side that was hit from before was jagged and sharp. That end fell on the man’s left foot, shooting a piece of sharp wood through and though. The man screamed in pain. Raven ran up the fallen table, did a spinning kick and hit the man in the jaw, breaking it. The man fell to the ground unconscious.

Penelope jumped over the man as she dodged bullets, returning some as she did so. Both her and Raven scattered, managing to keep just out of the gunwoman’s aim. She held two hand guns. Penelope knocked over an undamaged table and crouched behind it. She checked her gun and found it was empty. Then she glanced around wildly looking for something to defend or attack with. Her glasses were missing but she seemed fine without them. Instead she saw Arisa crouched under a table. The little girl didn’t look frightened. She was just waiting for the gun fire to stop, in fact she looked bored.

“Hey, shorty!” Penelope shouted over the noise.

Arisa took notice of her and waved to show she heard.

Penelope locked her fingers together and held them open below her palms up. Arisa smiled. She waited for a man to walk by before darting forward. Arisa stepped in Penelope’s opened hand. Penelope stood up giving Arisa a boost.

Arisa shot up in the air. The woman gunman took one look at her and aimed her weapon at her. Arisa placed her fingers in a position as if she was going to snap. She did and a surge of sudden energy shot toward the woman. An explosion blew up in that corner of the building. The curtains were ablaze. The gunwoman, and the others who where around her, were no more.

Arisa landed on a tabletop. Penelope saw the whole thing and whooped.

“That is what I am talking about!” she shouted.

Fang simply observed from his seat at the bar.

“Why you!” a man shouted, presumably the woman’s lover charged at Arisa from deeper in the bar.

Penelope saw the man, stepped on the ridge of the toppled table and started running on tabletops. It was the fastest means of transportation other then teleporting which wasn’t as reliable. She had a ways to go and was ahead of the man by a few seconds. He angrily carried a dagger with him. Penelope headed for the bar at the last closest table she jumped and slid on the back counter. She grabbed the spray faucets, two of them, and then got to her knees. Her watch beeped.

“Hands up!” she shouted.

Arisa looked behind her and saw what Penelope was doing. She heard a gun go off in front of her, dropped to her knees and raised her hands. The bullet missed her by barely an inch and missed Fang by only half that. He didn’t move at all as the bullet rushed past and cut a few strands of his hair.

Penelope pressed the leaver, releasing two streams of pure alcohol, “You don’t mess with girls like us!”

The alcohol flew in the air and when it hit Arisa’s hands it turned into a stream of flames. What ever the alcohol touched it lit everything instantly. It stopped the man from progressing and even take a few steps back. Penelope laughed as the Club slowly turned into a flaming mess.

Fang glanced at the balcony. He saw Victor beginning to get a little uneasy. Fang smiled. He loved it when a plan came together.

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