Insanity: Chapter Forty-One


Chapter Forty-One

~Chibi Forks~

Fang took a long sip of tea, enjoying only a moment of peace before the noise and kayos of the coffee shop came over him. Arisa was wolfing down a cinnamon muffin while Blue did what he could to keep their side of the table clean. Alister stared at his cup of coffee, the one that he really didn’t want but was forced on him anyway. Penelope was typing feverishly at her laptop keyboard while her cup of apple cider was getting cold. Shadow and Raven were still asleep in the hotel across the street. Raven was seriously asleep, understandably so because she had to fly the shadowcraft. Shadow just ignored Fang’s several attempts to get him up.

Fang managed to pull through the glances from the people in the coffee shop. Being the secret savior of the world wasn’t worth the glances. Fang glared at a couple of children who were looking at him from over the back of their seats. They stuck their tongues out. Fang raised an eyebrow as he debated with himself on whether or not to shoot at them. He wouldn’t have hurt them, just surprised them enough to leave him alone.

“Shoot,” Penelope said when her computer made a beeping noise. She looked at Fang, “No one knows where Zero’s location is on the web underground. “Wish I could have been some help.”

 Fang shrugged. He didn’t expect that she would find anything anyway. Zero was much too smart for that.

“It’s all right,” he said, “Just enjoy your drink.”

Penelope did as she was told. She slouched back in her chair and sighed loudly. Fang’s gaze shifted back to the two children.

“You might want to back up your laptop into its case,” he said.

Penelope closed her computer, “Why?”

Fang picked up a fork that was discarded by Arisa. He tapped it on the table a few times, testing the balance of it. Fang flipped it once then threw it toward the children’s heads.

The fork lodged into the back wall just inches above the children. They ducked down and started crying. Fang stood up.

“That’s why,” Fang stated and started to walk out the door.

“Seriously, Fang?!” Alister exclaimed, “What kind of a hero are you!”

“The one that won’t be tackled to the ground,” Fang said and the bell above the door rang signaling his exit.

Alister paused as he looked at all the people in the café. A few of the customers were getting up aggressively. Arisa hopped off her chair with Blue right behind her. She walked after Fang.

“I’m going to do a Fang and ditch,” Penelope grabbed her laptop and ran.

“‘Ay! Wait for me, mate!” Alister ran after her.

Fang stood at a corner, waiting to cross. The four frantic wolves ran up to him.

“I’d keep running if I were you,” he stated as a mob of people ran out of the café toward them.

Alister looked exasperated, “Oh, c’mon Fang! Can’t you do something!”

Fang shrugged, “They’re over here!” he raised his voice so the café mod could hear him.

“Seriously?” Penelope questioned.

“You need to work off the calories,” Fang said, “I’ll sent Shadow to find you later.”

The Shadow who is still in bed?

“Yes, that Shadow,” Fang began to walk across the street, “Good luck. I would seriously run now.”

With a joined sigh, the four of then ran down the street.


Sage opened the shop doors with the key Undertaker had left him. The shop was dark and still.

“So the two of them really left,” Sage muttered.

He walked in. Sage smiled slightly. It was nice to see that the former Agent was able to find happiness. He constantly wondered why the crazy man wanted to stay in an old pawn shop like this but, whatever floats you boat.

Sage promised himself that he would only stay for an hour. ONE HOUR. No more. Unlike Undertaker, Sage had a real business, a whole organization more like it and couldn’t stay away from it for too long. But Sage saw his time here as a break. Besides, he owed Undertaker at least an hour a day.

He walked behind the desk and sat down in a chair. When he did a child walked in and started to look around the shop. The child picked up a strange looking trinket and ran up to the desk. Sage looked at the strange toy. There was no price on it so he charged fifty cents (there was no way that that toy was worth more than that). The child handed Sage a five dollar bill. Sage opened the cash register.

When he opened the register, he found a letter. He gave the child $4.50 in change and opened the letter. It was written in perfect cursive. Obviously, Reighn was playing secretary. Undertaker’s hand writing was a bunch of lines and loops. No one could make heads or tails of his hand writing. It read:

Dear Sage,

         If you are reading this than that’s good because it would mean that you accepted my request. If you aren’t reading it…well, then I would have made Reighn write this for nothing. Oh well. Anyway, I want to tell you the truth. I’m not going on holiday. Actually, by the time you read this, I’m flying first class on the way to New York in the United States of America. Well, there isn’t a New York anywhere else that I know. Do you know, Reighn? Is there a New York anywhere else? Remind me to Google it sometime. Reighn, you weren’t writing all this are you? ~~~~

Anyway, I’m off to do one last service. You wanted to ask me that night didn’t you? When you sent those men after me? I’ll see what I can do to help Fang and the others out. We’ve been through so much, you know. Of course you know. You probably have a whole file somewhere in the Tower of yours full of our encounters. Wouldn’t that be fun to read Reighn? Oh, don’t write that either.~~~~

I have something for you to remember me by incase I don’t return. It’s in the cashier. Or is it in the desk drawer? Where did I put it, Reighn? The drawer? Well, look in the drawer then. I worked hard on them.

Hopefully, fate will allow us to see each other again. I’ll have quite the tail if I do make it back. Right Reight? I’ll be seeing you Sage. I hope we can meet again.


Undertaker and Reighn

P.S. Before you go back to that Tower of yours, that toy you just sold was actually $1.50. I will be hounding you for the rest (for Reighn’s sake).

Sage out the letter down and opened the drawer. There he found two small stuffed toys. One was a chibi version of the Undertaker and the other one was of Reighn. Sage had to smile. He stuffed them in his pocket, grabbed the shop key, walked out of the shop and locked it. After that, he walked back to that Tower of his and got back to work. There was no way that Undertaker and the others were going to go through this alone.

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