Insanity: Chapter Forty-Two


Chapter Forty-Two


Zero sat in a darkened room. The others were out accomplishing the task that he sent them out to do, except Nest that is. Zero glanced over at the boy. Nest sat in front of a laptop typing away at is as he sat cross-legged on a metal chair. The boys grey baggy clothing looked to engulf him as he sat similar to a bird sitting in its nest. A long faded scarf was wrapped around the boy’s forehead and tied in a knot at the back of his head where the extra cloth fell over one shoulder. His eyes stared unblinkingly at the screen.

“You know,” Nest said without any emotion in his voice, “Staring at me isn’t going to make this program go any faster.”

“You’re lucky I’m not in a worse mood than I’m already in,” Zero said with a slight edge to its tone, “I could have gotten very annoyed with you.”

“But you won’t,” Nest typed away, “I’m too valuable to be expendable.”

“Is that so?”

Nest nodded. The boy never saw it necessary to speak longer than necessary.

“Are you sure that machine is going to work,” Zero asked.

“About 97.98% sure,” Nest answered, “The whole plan itself only has a 14.% chance of failure but once the machine is up and running it can’t be stopped.”

This got Zero’s attention, “14%?”

Nest tensed, “14.%! It’s 14.%  alright!” he yelled.

Zero waited as the boy took deep breathes to calm himself. Zero didn’t feel offended in anyway, at least in the way that he wanted to kill the boy. Nest was a unique case. Because of the way he died, he was a bit of a perfectionist to put it lightly, a little OCD too, and by a little it was really a lot. By rounding down and not being exact, Nest went over the edge a little bit.

“It’s 14.%,” Nest said quietly.

“Fine,” Zero shrugged, “Why such a large margin of error?”

“Everyone has a weakness and a plan,” Nest’s voice trailed off in concentration, “no matter how flawless it is only as good as the variables. Everyone pretty much has a low chance of failure.”

Nest stopped talking. He typed feverishly at the keyboard. His grey eyes unblinking and absent of emotion. Zero sighed.


Nest realized that he stopped in mid-thought, “Flare. Currently her data is unstable therefore leaving a larger margin of error.”

‘Data’ was what Nest called everything that made up a human being; things that he couldn’t ever really understand.

“That’s all?”

“No, there are other variables too.”


“Yes, he’s one of them,” Nest sighed.

Zero looked somewhat interested, “Who are the other ones?”

“Minor variables,” Nest stated.

Zero thought a moment. He thought he knew who the others would be. That ex-Agent seemed to have an interest in the dealings on; him and that creature that sat on his shoulder every day. Then there was Sage. He wasn’t sure exactly if Sage would be directly involved but he decided that he wouldn’t be that hard to deal with.

A door opened and the others walked in. Zero stood up and looked over them. He caught sight of Edonya’s smile and almost strangled her. The girl was just much too happy for his liking. Thae looked slightly annoyed with his arms folded across his chest. Zorah stood between the two. She looked exasperated but she still had some life in her. Rose stood away from the other three his back toward Thae. A rose hid his angry expression. Thae and Rose must have had a verbal battle during the day. Flare stood by Rose. She looked lost in thought. Nest was still typing away at his computer. Zero smiled a satisfied smile.

The following night was going to be one in the history books.


Fang sat in his lone hotel room. The others were able to get back all right. The girls were in their own room and the boys in theirs. Fang sat cross legged on the bed, his mind far away. Equations crossed before his eyes, he weighed every probability and every worse outcome and how to overcome them.

Without his noticing, Shadow walked through the wall. He sat in a chair and watched Fang thinking for a while. Eventually, Fang’s gold eyes looked at him.

“What are you doing here?” Fang was a little less than happy at the moment.

“You know,” Shadow started, “That was mean.”

He was referring to what had happened earlier that day. He wasn’t very happy when Fang walked into his room commanding him to pick the others up from an angry mob.

“I have things to think about, so get out,” Fang stated.

“Fang,” Shadow smiled.


“We trust you no matter what.”

Fang paused for a fraction of a second, “Good, that’s the way it should be.”

Shadow looked away and smiled, “You know, Raven was busy sharpening her swords and daggers. Alister is cleaning his weapons. I’m amazed he was able to sneak those past the front desk. Blue and Arisa are playing the card game war… I think that was Arisa’s idea of getting ready. Penelope is typing away at her laptop about something.”

Shadow looked hard at Fang for a moment, “We’re ready to do what you need us to do. When do we leave?”

Fang looked at him a while before answering, “I don’t know yet. Unfortunately, we need to wait for Zero to act first. When he makes his move, we’ll all know. Then we’ll all act.”

Shadow nodded. He stood up and walked to a wall, “Make sure you get some rest.”

“Tell the others to get a lot of rest tomorrow,” Fang stated, “Tomorrow night might be the night.”

Shadow nodded and left the room and Fang sat in silence. Deep inside, Fang knew that Shadow was right. He sighed. He needed rest too. He looked at the digital clock. It said 9:30 pm. Fang shrugged. He could sleep at six in the morning. Until then, he would think and figure things out.

Equations. Probability. Math. Common sense. Character analysis. Thinking. Thinking. Thoughts. Sleep.

**Author’s Note:

            I’m back! Next chapters will be an epic battle to the death. After all this time, I hope I’ve still got it.

~Happy Readings

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