Insanity: Chapter Twenty-Four


Chapter Twenty-Four

~Operation Fang – Part Two~

“We’re losing altitude!” Raven shouted as the helicopter engines failed.

The helicopter took a sickening tilt to the left. It fell to the earth as it flipped upside down. Raven tried repeatedly to restart the engines. As the helicopter fell its blades drew dangerously close to Alister and Penelope.

Penelope fell after Alister. She reached out to him and he grabbed it. The propellers sailed for them. Penelope fell into Alister and as the blades dew closer they both disappeared.

They reappeared in the helicopter as it tumbled upside down. Alister managed to close one of the doors. Both he and Penelope slammed it to it.

“Uh, guys,” Alister groaned, “I don’t think it’s safe to see the fishes from a helicopter, is it?”

Penelope punched him in the shoulder, “Just shut up!”

She crawled over him and over to Raven as the helicopter turned upside down. Penelope stood as she grabbed the wires and tried to fix them. It took several attempts through the kayos and commotion but eventually it started. Raven immediately took hold of the controls and piloted the helicopter. They were basically skimming the water.

“Let’s not do that again, shall we,” Shadow said breathless.

“Aww, but that was just so much fun,” Alister said sarcastically.

Fang found himself breathing again. He wasn’t sure when he had stopped breathing, he just knew that he needed air. Edonya looked disappointed. She made a motion like she was picking up a large gun and propped it on her shoulder.

“Give it everything you got, boys,” Edonya said.

Riff pulled the whip from his belt. Lire laughed as he jumped around. Vise balled his fists in anticipation. Ibid just nodded. She looked board beyond belief. Thae had no expression on his face. He glared at Fang.

Edonya smiled, “Their bugging me. We’ll have to kill them.”

She raised her imaginary gun and fired.

The others ducked while the helicopter was being riddled with invisible bullets. Raven maneuvered the best she could but since she wouldn’t see the bullets it was difficult to dodge them completely.

“Just get us close enough,” Shadow got out of his seat, “Come on, Penelope!”

Raven nodded and steered for the boat. There was a flash of light and a beam of light shot past the helicopter. Shadow sighed.

“I need a raise,” then he smiled, “Oh wait, I don’t even get paid.”

“W-w-we get room and board,” Penelope said.

“Then I could use a bigger room,” Shadow looked out of the helicopter.

“When you’re down there deal with the invisible bullets! They’re tearing us up here!” Raven shouted.

“Got it,” Shadow said.

The helicopter veered over to the boat as it slowly gained altitude. Leaned out, he smiled.

“Come one, Penelope,” Shadow said as he jumped out.

Penelope followed behind. Shadow pulled three daggers from his sleeves as he fell. He landed on the roof of the boat. Penelope landed near him. Vise crated a ball of light in his hand and threw it. It hit the roof of the cabin that two stood on. There was a large explosion but before that Shadow and Penelope jumped apart. The explosion blew back Edonya and Lire.

As Shadow jumped off of the cabin roof he threw the three daggers at Edonya. Edonya noticed and managed to dodge all three through a series of flips and twirls. Penelope vanished and appeared in front of Vise. Her eyes were narrowed as she punched him squarely in the jaw. There was a crack of a whip and a sharp pain as it wrapped around her neck. Ibid clapped her hands together and two other hers appeared. She went after Shadow.

Shadow grabbed a rope and jumped off the side of the boat. He sailed above the water and appeared down the ship. Shadow jumped over the railing again and pulled out a dagger that was hidden on his ankle. He threw it at the whip. The whip was snapped as the dagger passed through it. Penelope dropped to her knees and gasped for breath. She unwrapped the remaining piece of dagger from her neck. Penelope rolled out of the way as Vise created another ball of light.

Ibid and her two copies went after both Penelope and Shadow. Fang slightly turned to Thae.

“You wouldn’t happen to know where mu gun is, do you?” he asked.

Thae smiled, “I thought I’d be a nice little memory piece after you were killed.”

“I’d like it back,” Fang stated.

“You’ll have to kill me for it,” Thae smiled.

The helicopter passed again. Alister opened a black bag and pulled out a shot gun. He leaned against the metal door post.

“You better duck, Fang,” he said.

The weapon fired. Fang and Thae heard the shot. Fang ducked and rolled away as the boat raining splintered into shards of wood, leaving a large hole in the wooden railing. Thae surprisingly grew black wings and jumped back onto the lower deck of the boat. Fang quickly got to his feet. As Thae descended, he saw the silver gun in Thae’s belt. He had to get that gun back. Fang got up and ran toward the edge.

Shadow threw a dagger and one of Ibid’s copies vanished in purple smoke. He ducked as he felt something sharp brush his face. His right cheek was bleeding from a slanted scratch. He looked at saw Edonya as she made a motion of carrying a gun. Shadow wasn’t sure what it exactly meant but he knew it hurt. He rolled behind a solid surface as it became riddled with bullets. Invisible bullets. It was as if whatever she was miming was actually was there. He heard the helicopter start to fly over again. When the firing stopped he got to feet.

When Penelope got to her feet she reached into her pocket and pulled out a circular object. She threw it at the coming Ibid copy. Spikes shot out of it and gripped on to the copy. A red light shined three times before detonating. Penelope ducked to one side as the copy disappeared into flame and purple smoke. She cartwheeled out of the way of one of Vise’s attacks. It passed her and crashed into the water creating a large explosion of water that towered high above. She pulled out another contraption only this one was a rod. She pointed it at Vice and pressed a button. An electrical current shot from it. But instead of hitting Vise she hit Shadow in the leg on accident.

Shadow fell to his knees, “What the heck!?”

“Sorry,” Penelope said. Then she aimed again and shot the weapon. This time it hit Vise, “Looks like it still has a few glitches”

“You think! I can’t feel my leg!” Shadow complained.

“You’re a strong guy,” Penelope twirled the weapon and put it back where she stored it, “Just rub it off. Unlike him, you can move the rest of your body.”

“Barely,” Shadow muttered.

Penelope rolled her eyes and ran off to where more of Ibid’s copies were gathered. Shadow stood up with great effort. He saw the helicopter

Fang ducked down as Alister riddled the boat with bullets, hitting several of Ibid’s copies. Someone was a little trigger happy. He made a mental note to address that later. Thae vanished into the floor similar to how Shadow would. Fang sighed. This wasn’t going to be easy. When the firing stopped he stood up and ran to the edge. Thae appeared again right below Shadow. Shadow stepped back in surprise as Thae’s hand gripped his neck.

Fang watched as Thae slowly strangled Shadow as he rose into the air. By now Thae and Shadow were at a good distance. Fang backed from the edge and cursed under his breath. He ran toward the edge again. When he jumped, he transformed.

In his wolf form he could jump much farther and higher. When he tackled Thae out of the sky he transformed back in to a human. Quickly, he located his gun and grabbed it. He aimed the gun at Thae’s head. Thae let Shadow go, grabbed the back of Fang’s neck and turned his body just as the deck of the boat came suddenly. The deck splintered but the impact wasn’t strong enough to send Fang and Thae through it. In the pain of the impact Fang cried out in agony. His gun was thrown from his hands. With his ears still ringing, he vaguely heard the sound of the helicopter again.

Thae, who was much less hurt than Fang, looked at Edonya, “Where’s Lire?!”

Edonya propped her effective imaginary gun on her shoulder and pointed. Thae followed her point.

“Lire, shoot that helicopter down!” Thae yelled at the clown.

He grunted as Fang hit him in the jaw. Thae spread his wings and flapped. He soared up about ten feet and landed on his feet as Lire continued on with his job. Lire looked at the coming helicopter. Then he looked down by his feet comically smiled. He picked up a rocket launcher. Lire propped the device on his shoulder.

Fang looked at Shadow. He wasn’t in any condition to be doing anything suddenly.

“Penelope! Rocket Launcher!” he shouted as he turned on his side.

Penelope looked Lire and ran at him. She reached for her rod contraption and aimed. Lire laughed and aimed at the coming helicopter. Penelope pressed the button and the current charged forward. The electricity short forward but missed. Lire launched the rocket.

Raven gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Alister said.

“Can you swim?” Raven asked.

Alister shrugged, “Enough to keep alive. Why?”

“Good,” she said before tilting the helicopter.

Alister lost his footing and fell out. Raven flipped the auto pilot. She got out of her seat and ran to the door. Her cloak unclipped as she jumped out of the helicopter. It exploded just moments before she had jumped out. She was blown forward as she fell toward the water. Raven touched the water, she started running. Using her powers for the first time in a long while she raced across the water with incredible speed. She looked around for Alister.

Raven found him treading water. She slid on the water, not stopping, and in a wide arc she skidded over the water with her hand out to reach his. Their hands clasp each other’s and Raven started running again. She ran for the boat.

Thae landed near Edonya. He looked over the edge of the boat into the water. For a moment he saw something.

“I need to get you out of here,” he said to Edonya.

She just looked at him, “What? Why? We’re just having fun!”

“She’s right, you know. It’d be a shame if you left so early,” Fang said.

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