Insanity: Chapter Twenty-Five


Chapter Twenty-Five

~Operation Fang – Part Three~

He looked like he was in pretty bad shape. His left hand was across his stomach as if the fall was still causing him pain. The silver gun was to his side in his right hand. Thae looked at him.

“You aren’t in any condition to fight,” he said.

“It only takes one bullet to kill a man,” Fang answered.

The boat suddenly shifted to the right. Caught off balance, Fang fell. A tall pillar of water appeared at the side of the boat. Thae looked up at it. The top of the pillar opened as a little girl jumped out.

“Arisa!” Penelope shouted as she stood over Lire’s temporarily paralyzed body.

Arisa was wet but somehow managed to surround herself in fire. She plummeted toward the center of the ship. Quickly, Thae grabbed Edonya. The ship exploded into a ball of fire. There was a hole through the center of the ship. Shadow and Fang were blown back and Penelope fell overboard. Raven stared as she ran closer to the sinking ship.

The pillar of water changed and looked more like a large angry water snake. Fang looked up through the black smoke and flames. Then he quickly looked around for Shadow. He found him unconscious under a wooden beam.

“Shadow!” he heard himself yell, “Shadow!”

He was in the water, treading for his life. Fang looked at the large snake that towered over head. I opened its mouth and descended on the already damaged boat. Shadow finally appeared near the railing. He gripped his head in pain.

“Come on, Shadow!” Fang heard himself yell.

The snake descended and engulfed the boat. It blew up before sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Fang shook his head clear. He looked to where Shadow was trapped again and ran to him.

“Shadow! Get up, Shadow!” he yelled as he pushed the beam off of him.

Shadow slowly opened his eyes, “What’s going on? Fang? Is that you?”

“You’re really out of it” Fang commented, he looked up, “We have to get out of here. Blue’s on a rampage.”

“Blue? Here?” Shadow gripped his head.

“You might have a concussion,” Fang draped one of Shadow’s arms around his shoulder.

He stood up and helped Shadow to get to the edge. As he was helping Shadow, the boat rocked suddenly separating the two. Fang stumbled forward and Shadow fell back. After regaining his senses Fang looked up. The snake looked ready to strike.

“Come on, Shadow!” he called.

“You go ahead,” Shadow said, “I’ll be right behind you.”

At that moment, every instinct in his body told him to run but the vision he had just moments before stopped him. He ran back to Shadow.

Fang forced Shadow to hook at him, “I’m not leaving you behind!”

The snake opened its deadly mouth. Fang forced Shadow’s arm back over his shoulder. In a blink of an eye he was a wolf once again. The snake started its deadly decent. Fang ran for the edge, Shadow’s weight meant nothing. Just seconds before the impact Fang jumped through a hole in the railing, big enough for both of them and dove into the water. The explosion pushed them both further into depths of the ocean.

Fang and Shadow were separated through the thrashing of the waters. Repeatedly, Fang tried to swim to the surface but was pushed down by waves and debris. He felt his lungs about to burst and knew that he desperately needed oxygen. Finally he broke the surface and filled his lungs with dearly needed air.

After he waded water for a few minutes he looked for something to hold on to. He saw a piece of driftwood, a part of the ship, and held on. Fang suddenly felt tired. He told himself that he would only rest his eyes but ended up falling asleep there in the middle of the ocean.


Few Hours Later

“When you think he’ll get up Reighn?”

A bell rang.

“Soon? Really? Soon enough that he can pull himself on the raft?”


A sigh, “Oh, well. You should get to work, Reighn.”

A bell rang.

“What do you mean I should do it? I’ve done plenty all ready.”


“Oh, look! Thank goodness, he’s waking up!”

A bell rang.

“No, I’m not glad that I don’t have to pull him in. I’m glad that he’s alright.”

Fang slowly opened his eyes. He saw and a yellow blob in front of him. His eyes focus and he saw Undertaker sitting in it with Reighn on his shoulder. Undertaker smiled at him and offered a hand of assistance. Groggily, Fang gripped his hand and pulled himself into the yellow raft.

“This is random,” Fang said.

“Well, life is more interesting with random events. Better yet, planned random events,” Undertaker smiled, “Oh, look, there’s Penelope. My, my, she looks pissed.

Fang looked. Penelope was holding onto a flag pole that was attached to the ship. She indeed looked very angry.

“What in the world was she thinking!?” she complained as Fang helped her on board.

“Who?” Undertaker asked.

“Arisa! She almost killed me!” Penelope vented.

Undertaker handed her the ore that he had, “Why don’t you take your anger out on rowing, eh?”

She glared at him, “Is he trying to get out of rowing?” she asked Fang.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“No, no,” Undertaker smiled, “I only have your best interest in mind.”

Penelope rolled her eyes. She grabbed the ore and started rowing. Surprisingly, her focus on rowing calmed her to a point.

They rowed the raft over to Alister and Raven.

“This is weird,” Alister said as glanced at Undertaker, “you always around and we just don’t see you or…”

“Now I wouldn’t tell you, dear nephew, if I was following you or not,” Undertaker smiled.

“Where’d you get this?” Raven asked.

“It was buried deep in the shop. Actually, it was behind a few items. Reingh here just has good eyes,” Undertaker answered.

“Yeap,” Reighn nodded.

“What?” Penelope said, “Okay, there are some things I don’t know but I do know that there was no giant raft in you shop!”

“Well, of course there wasn’t a big yellow raft!” Undertaker laughed, “It was is a small brown box!”

Lastly, they came to Shadow. He seemed much better after some rest. Shadow and Alister helped row the boat back to shore. Once they were close to the Docks, they could see Arisa and Blue standing on the one of the docks.

Fang was the first back on shore. He walked over to Blue. Arisa ran to him and hugged him as he walked. Fang stopped and stood side by side with Blue.

“We’ll need to talk, Blue,” Fang said.


He continued walking down the dock, “Come on, we’re going home!”

The others walked past Blue in silence, not even giving him a moment’s glance. Blue looked at Undertaker. The older man smiled his crazy smile.

“Come on, Blue! We haven’t got all day!” Fang shouted.

Slowly, Blue turned around and walked home, far behind the others.

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