What’s Next?

Hey guys!

It’s been a while. Summer Break is ending and that means a more reliable (hopefully) posting schedule. I’ve got a couple of things planned out but I would also like to hear what you guys want to see more of or what I should bring back for this new semester. Here are just a few of my ideas.

Continuing Thadus?

Some of you might know of the series that I am writing, a fan fiction of the popular Mass Effect Series in celebration of the coming game Andromeda. I have a feeling I would like to finish it if you guys are still interested. Personally, I could go either way. If it were up to me alone I would give it another go. I feel like I could tell the story better if I started over from scratch but I can do that on my own time if you guys just want to see it finished and start on something new.

Old Favorites

There are some old characters that I would love to write about again as a new story. If you guys are interested I would either drop or finish the current story and move on to this one. I don’t know the details yet. I just know I miss writing about them. Let me know what you think.


Personally, I don’t think I’ll continue Writers Wednesday as a regular thing. I’ll probably still post the occasional poem or short story it just wont be on a regular basis. This is because I’ve had to supply most of the poetry and while it is a fun thing to do everyone in a while, I’m more of a storyteller with chapters.


I would still love to continue the weekly journal; a weekly incite on my life and everything around me. I will be keeping those. Even if I haven’t written in an actually journal in years its still nice to get my thoughts and things out there. Its very refreshing.


Anyway, I do intend on continuing this blog if you are still interested. Heck, I’ll still continue this blog even if you aren’t. It’s a way for me to force myself to sit down and get some writing done during my busy life. To reiterate, I’m not sure what the posting scheduling will be. It will depend on what you guys are interested in reading.

Thank you guys for you patience!


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1 Response to What’s Next?

  1. Carleen Pedersen says:

    My favorite postings are the journal entries. I love seeing the little pictures into your life story. Your journal also gives me insight into how I can beat pray for you.


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