Mass Effect: New Thadus

So I decided to start over, to start from scratch. I didn’t like the way it was going so much so we’ll see how this goes. If you are still interested in reading the original, I don’t plan on deleting any of the chapters already up. I won’t be adding anymore chapters but you can read them here.

After barely escaping a devastating attack on the SSV Kolkata, Raala and seven other companions find themselves trapped on a strange planet. With no other way to get home, they venture out into the sands of Thadus. Little do they know that they have crash landed on a planet with a violent and strange history. Will they manage to make it back home in one piece?

Characters – Many new faces to get to know! :: Subject to update as the story continues

Chapter One – Blank Slate :: The start to a new adventure.

Chapter Two – Calm After the Storm :: A chance to step back and get to know each other.

Chapter Three – Backtracking :: A little history on how this band of misfits got together.

Chapter Four – Stranded :: Plan for survival. There has to be a way to survive.

Chapter Five – Making Home :: An oasis in the middle of a desert becomes a deathtrap.

Chapter Six – The Intangible is Unstoppable :: Nothing can stop something that can’t be seen.

Chapter Seven – Handle with Care :: Practice makes perfect when it comes to piloting an alien ship.

Chapter Eight – The Traveler :: The crew is being watched as they make use of their new home.

Chapter Nine – Geronimo :: Something is strange about a tower in the center of a compound. Time to check it out.

Chapter Ten – Cornered :: The crew is under attack by all sorts of creatures.

Chapter Eleven – The Hive of the Swarm :: The Crew meets a new species they have never seen before.

Chapter Twelve – But They Didn’t :: Discussions about AI’s. Not all of them act as expected.

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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d care to find out more details.


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