Journal: The ICEE Valentine

The ICEE Valentine

 Alright guys, I have a confession to make: I haven’t dated anyone. Not one person. Not even a childhood crush. The only thing I got on Valentine’s Day, not from a family member, was a box of four month old box of candy hearts that someone handed me on the last day of school.

So yeah, this time of year can be pretty difficult watching all the lovebirds flutter about. So thank God the movie Deadpool came out this year making Valentine’s Day much more tolerable.

As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry, I’m not here to rant. Instead, I wanted to talk about why Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Why do we celebrate Valentines? We know quite a bit about Valentine’s Day. For example, many of us know that the 14th of February was named after Saint Valentine who was beheaded on the 14th of February in 270 AD. But why do we choose to celebrate that day by buying chocolates and flower for our significant others?

I’ll tell you.

Valentine’s Day is a time to remind the people we care about that we value them. However, it shouldn’t be the only time we tell our loved ones how much they matter to us. In fact, everyday should be Valentine’s Day. Heck, call your moms and say ‘hi’ on Mommy Mondays. Hug your siblings on Trouble Tuesdays. Have fun with the family on Family Fridays. Or spend Snazzy Saturdays with your friends. Better yet, spend a little time getting to know a new person, let them know that they aren’t invisible. Who knows, you might make a new friend.

Earlier this week, I brought my younger brother to the movies. I bought his ticket and we entered the theater. He wanted to buy his own drink while I was going to buy my snacks and an ICEE.

I was the first in line and placed my order. The ICEE machine was acting strange but the attendee was able to scrape up a cup full. But when my brother wanted one there wasn’t enough left. Naturally, he looked disappointed. So I asked for an extra straw and offered to share with him. It wasn’t any trouble. I wasn’t expecting anything back and that was it. We had an amazing time at the movie.


Pikachu from Pokemon

Apparently, it really impacted him. A few days later, I trudged into the house from school and made my way to my room. As I entered, my eyes fell on my desk. A special edition Pikachu stuffed doll. I have to admit…I screamed like a little girl…over a Pokémon stuffed toy.

In my defense, it was the unexpected display of love that squeezed the girlish squeal out of me. I swear…

But seriously, a small gesture of love goes a long way for the people closest to you. Don’t show your love just on Valentine’s Day. While it’s a good start, don’t forget the other 364 days.


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3 Responses to Journal: The ICEE Valentine

  1. Rareity says:

    Even with a love, Valentine’s Day is not as you said, the most enjoyable holiday. It puts a lot of expectation of a specific way or being, and not everyone can be capable of that hopeless romantic personality. I enjoyed this post. We shouldn’t wait for special occasions to appreciate our loved ones. You never know when their last moments are, and if we wait around for the right moment, we could lose a very precious one instead.

    P.S …POKEMON!… Gotta catch em’ all… Pokemon! 😎

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