Thadus: Chapter Three

Mass Effect: Thadus

Chapter Three

Welcome Party


Large Dark vehicles

Collector Cruiser

Widow set up the defenses, using her biotic powers to lift dirt into the air and set it down in mounds circling the crashed escape pod. Khal was filled with anticipation, dispensing pent up energy by slamming his fists together while pacing back and forth. Urz growled ferociously, the fins on its back, straightened with tension.

The two dust clouds were much closer now. Ral could see at least four vehicles to the north consist of a large hovering vehicle with three smaller hover bike-like vehicles. To the south-west were four other vehicles, two large vehicles used a kind of canvas sail while two smaller boat-like vehicles used some kind of white propellers. The vehicles to the north were expected to be the first to the crashed pod.

“Into position!” Vicia called out.

Ral drew her weapon and looked it over. It was a sleek and simple pistol of quarian design, best for fighting geth but it would have to do. She checked to make sure it was functioning properly before what came next. While she was looking over her gun, Consensus walked up to her.

“Creator-Sima,” it spoke. “This unit has some mattes to discuss.”

“What!?” Ral jumped. Even for such a large geth, it managed not make any unnecessary noises.

Consensus extended an arm, a small smooth object in its hand, “This unit recovered this object. However, was unable to return it until this present moment.”

Ral grabbed the stone from its cold hand and placed the rock into her pocket. In a single motion she turned and walked away, leaving the geth standing there. The quarian quickly got into position behind the waist high mound of dirt facing west.

“Everyone to cover!” Vicia called.

It grew quiet as everyone got into cover. Widow crouched a few feet away from Ral. The mute glowed with a strange blue aura, ready to use her abilities. The salarian doctor was to Ral’s right. Paz shook nervously, struggling to hold his pistol. Khal activated his tech armor, an energy armor suit protecting him against most forms of attack.

The geth pulled out its pulse riffle for the skirmish. Compartments opened around its waist, revealing a single row of frag grenades. Two object deployed from Consensus’ back. They changed form into two hovering heavy turrets. Vicia drew a sub-machine gun better suited for mid-ranged combat. She looked cool and collected, ready for whatever came at them. Everyone was quiet, waiting for what would come next.

Sure enough, they got company.

Three small vessels sped in from the north. Two creatures sat on each black hover bike. The vehicles were propelled forward by boosters attached to the rear and were kept off the ground by some kind of anti-gravity device. They sped around the edge of the landing zone eventually stopping on three sides. The creatures drew their weapons, a weapon looking like a narrow mouth with a row of teeth. As their weapons charged, Vicia stood and raised her weapon. The others followed suit as the larger ship, a hundred-and-fifty feet in length, situated itself to the east.

The larger ship was more oval shaped with two levels for walking, built with dark metal. Its windows and doors were tinted green. The doors on the lower levels opened and more creatures ran out onto the lower balconies armed with weapons. Several others sprouted wings and flew to the ground. As they landed they armed themselves.

The creatures were bipedal standing on two legs and standing at six feet tall. They were insect-like in appearance. Their bodies were armed in a thick grey exoskeleton. Each part of their bodies moved in segments, smoothly without hindrance. They had three glowing eyes on either side of their head. Their face and head were angled in the shape of a diamond beetle.

A larger creature landed onto the parched earth. It stood a foot taller than the rest. Two horns protruded out of its head. It walked casually toward the front line.

Khal didn’t seem at all at all intimidated as he held his shotgun, “I’d turn around and leave if I were you.”

The horned creature stopped, “I am the Collector General.” Its voice was deep and booming though it had no mouth to peak from.

“Collector?” Vicia spoke, her voice low, “I heard you scaly creatures joined the war for the Reapers.”

The Collector General ignored her, “You fall from the sky, from the stars. You know the Reapers yet I do not know your kind. Where do you hail from?”

“We won’t tell you anything!” Vicia shouted.

The General looked in the distance. Ral glanced over her shoulder. The four ships to the south-west were getting closer. The collector turned his attention back to the aliens in front of him.

“Place your weapons down and surrender,” he said, raising his arms. “Or face your destruction.”

Khal looked over at Vicia, “Can I shoot him now?”

The collector turned around and started walking back to the large ship, “Our time is short. Kill them and bring me their bodies before the Zah’kril arrive.”

Consensus turned its head to one side as if listening to something, “Projectiles incoming.”

Seconds later, a massive pulses of energy struck the side of the large ship. Ral and the others crouched close to the ground, her ears were ringing. Paz covered his head. Several collectors on the balcony were struck. Shortly after, another pulse of energy passed overhead. The combined energy of both attacks caused the ship to hover slightly off balance.

The Collector General looked toward where the attack came from. He raised a hand, motioning to his forces before sprouting wings and flying back to the ship. The other collectors followed suit. Several of them were shot down with bullets while escaping to their ship. The collectors on the hover bikes started up and circled around to charge at the charging ships.

Khal stood and got into the fight. He fired, shooting one of the collectors off their bike. The hover bike loss balance and the driver lost control sending the bike tumbling on the ground. That didn’t stop the two other bikes from facing off with the lighter colored vehicles.

The light colored vehicles were boat shaped with white cloth propellers at the rear. Like the collectors, two white robed creatures sat inside. One was in charge of driving and the other in charge of attack and defense. A creature stood and raised a long gun with three barrels. It shot one round off and struck one of the opposing bikes. It hit a sensitive spot and caused it to flip and explode.

The second bike spend past without even slowing down. It easily dodged a barrage of bullets, seamlessly weaving back and forth. The collector pulled out its weapon and aimed at the second small boat. Pulling the trigger, a beam of light struck the passenger in the boat. Red blood stained the inside of the vehicle. Quickly, the collector fired again, shooting the driver through the head. The creature’s ship drastically lost speed and crashed to the ground.

The other small ship fired back to avenge their fallen comrades. The collectors stayed just out of reach. Eventually, they made a U-turn and headed back to their main ship.

Khal let out a battle cry and charged for the collectors as they ran for their ships. Urz wasn’t far behind, running collectors down. Widow reached out, her hand glowing blue as she pulled several collectors to the ground. Vicia shot several of them out of the sky with her gun. The two turrets hovering around Consensus dealt with many foot soldiers.

Ral saw a collector getting up from the ground and raise its weapon. She raised her pistol, shooting it in the leg. It dropped to one knee as Urz ran up and bit it in the neck.

Heavy artillery continued to strike the side of the dark ship. Somehow, the Collector General made it to the highest balcony. He looked over the battle field emotionlessly before turning and entering the ship. Slowly, the 150 foot ship pulled away, leaving anyone who was unable to get on board. It picked up speed as it headed east, a lone hover bike by its side. The two large white ships pulled alongside the crash site.

They were only fifty feet in length but they made up for their small size with speed and firepower. Large sails ran along the length of the ship with a mast in the center. The ships looked to be propelled by thrusters attached to wings on both sides of the ship. Underneath the hull was a small sail, possibly used to keep the ship balanced in the air.

As the two ships passed on either side, dozens of creatures in cloaks appeared and fired whatever weapons they had at the remaining collectors. Only once every collector lay motionless did the gunfire stop.

Several robed creatures jumped over the side railings, some sprouting wings as they landed safely on the ground. One of the first creatures walked forward, carrying a modified crossbow. It walked briskly as she approached Vicia. The turian looked over her shoulder just as it arrived.

The creature pointed its weapon in Vicia’s face.

“Harak, Zha’Kril!”

Small vehicles

Small Shuttle Vehicles

“Harak!” The other creatures redirected their weapons toward the new comers.

Paz immediately dropped his weapon and raised his hands high above his head. Ral too raised her hands. More slowly however, careful not to draw to much attention to herself. Everyone else either placed their weapons down or raised their arms.

The creature pulled off her hood.

“Who are you?” She asked, “Where do you come from?”

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