Insanity: Chapter Thirty-Four


Chapter Thirty-Four

~Inner Demos in Outdoor Settings~

Undertaker smiled as he left the house late at night. He had just informed them that the Director of the Tower, the most prestigious company known to man (by the higher ups in government who will have their memories wiped after they leave office), was actually Sage. Undertaker was pretty much sire that Fang knew. If he didn’t know then he certainly does now. He just knew that they were lucky Sage underestimated them and let them escape for a short period of time.

Reighn appeared at his side after they turned the corner. The creature hated being the small thing on Undertaker’s shoulder. It made holding a pencil very hard and uncomfortable. There was a purple light and he stood in human form.

They were walking into Transaction Square when the bell on Reighns right hand rang.

“I know,” Undertaker smiled.

Four people stood alone in the square. Undertaker’s yellow eyes seemed to glow underneath his hair. He tipped his hat as he was about to pass. The four people, men in black suits, blocked his path. Reighn’s fists balled making the bell ring.

“Calm down, Reighn,” Undertaker said, he turned to the four men, “Now what can I do for you gentlemen on a fine night like this?”

“Undertaker?” one of them asked.

“Who’s that?” Undertaker smiled.

There was always a chance they would believe him and walk away.

The bell rang. The perpetual liar.

“You know who you are,” the man said.

“Of course I know who I am,” Undertaker said, “but do you know who I am?”

The four men showed their weapons, “We don’t have time for this. The Tower needs you to come back.”

“Oh, but my little shop,” Undertaker looked sad, “business was getting good, wasn’t it, Reighn?”

Reighn nodded.

“Sorry, can’t,” Undertaker tried to walk away but was stopped.

“Sage asked for you,” the man said.

“Sage who?” Undertaker smiled again.

“You know who Sage is!” the man shouted.

“I may know who Sage is but do you know who Sage is?” Undertaker tilted up his hat, showing his eyes.

The man stuttered, “But—hey—you just said—”

“Exactly,” Undertaker said before walking away.

Reighn rolled his eyes and followed him.

The four men turned and drew their weapons. One had a gun, the other had a knife, another had silver nunchuks and the last one looked like he didn’t need a weapon with all his muscle.

“Wait right there!” the man yelled.

Undertaker turned slowly, his voice changed suddenly, “I thought I made it clear that I don’t want anything to do with the Tower as I turned in my retirement papers.”

“Well, Sage needs you!” the man cocked his gun.

The clocks in the square ticked silently. Undertaker looked at one and smiled. Time. It’s been a while since he used his powers. Let’s see if he still knew how to use them. He took off his hat and handed it to Reighn.

“Hold this,” he said as his hair parted fully revealing his scares and eyes.

He walked toward the men slowly. They stepped back nervously.

“What are you doing?” the man asked.

“I know what I’m doing, but do you know what I’m doing?” Undertaker mused, “You know, there is this saying: “It all gets better with age”. It works with most cases like love, friendships, wine, I heard violins even do, powers. Oh, yes, you can train and train to use your powers but that doesn’t always make them better or get you more. I have powers now that I didn’t have twenty years ago. Would you like to see what I mean? This one I’ve had for quite a while.”

Undertaker’s eyes glowed and the steady ticking of the clocks stopped. He stopped his advance.

“Did you feel that?” Undertaker asked.

The other men looked at each other, unsure of what he was talking about.

Undertaker sighed, “I guess I’m not surprised. Only those who are really in tune with the world can feel it. What? You ask? Time stopping.”

The men looked around. There were a few telltale signs that something wasn’t right: a bird suspended in the air, a child frozen while chasing a white ball, the ball ominously spinning slowly in midair. The looked frightened. The man with the gun looked at Undertaker angrily.

“Just to let you know, we’re Agents!” he said.

“No, you’re not,” Undertaker smiled, “I’ll let you know when I see any. Reighn, I want it back when you’re done.”

Reighn nodded. He rang his bell and the hat glowed silver. Reighn flicked the hat and it turned into a sword. The man fired his gun at Undertaker. Undertaker’s eyes shined and he disappeared. Reighn ran forward with the sword. The strong man ran at him. The ground shook. Reighn jumped high above the spikes that appeared from the ground. In the air the bell rang and the sword turned blue. It lengthened into a long rod.

When Reighn landed on the ground, he swung the rod and hit the strong man behind the knees. The man stumbled but didn’t fall. Reighn swung it the other way hitting him in the chest and knocking him backwards. With the man on the ground, Reighn rang his bell the rod turned blue and grew two long points, one on each end. He plunged one end into the man’s heart.

One of the men screamed behind him. Reighn looked over his shoulder; there was no time for action. The man with the knife was charging at him. But suddenly he was lifted off the ground and hurled into the air by and invisible force. Seconds later he came crashing back down to earth. Reighn glanced over at the tables. Undertaker sat there casually with a very dark smile on your face.

Reighn pulled the rod out of the man. He heard the gun and rang the bell. The rod turned into a shield. The bullets were unable to penetrate the shield. When the rain of bullets stopped, Reighn took the shield and transformed it at a ring into a disk with sharp edges. The nunchuker was closest so Reighn threw the disk at him. The man fell back onto the ground.

The gunman looked at his three companions. He took one look Reighn and Undertaker and ran in the other direction. Undertaker stood up from the table he was sitting and walked over to Reighn. Reighn watched him closely. Undertaker seemed to be radiating an evil aura. His gold eyes stared at the fleeing man for a while. Undertaker smiled and extended his arm.

The man screamed and stopped running. He clutched his heart and stomach in pain. His screams were horrible like someone was clawing at him from the inside of his body. Reighn looked at Undertaker. He smiled as if he was enjoying torturing the man. Reighn walked over to the nunchuker and pulled out his and transformed it back into a rod. He took one edge of the rod and swung it, hitting the side of Undertaker’s face.

The screaming stopped.

For a moment, nothing happened. Undertaker’s face was turned away so Reighn couldn’t see him. Reighn held the pole defensively in case Undertaker turned on him. Slowly, Undertaker turned to look at Reighn. His eyes still glowed but they were different.

“Reighn?” Undertaker said in his usual voice, “I would very much like my hat back.”

Reighn nodded. The bell on his arm rang and the rod turned back into the hat. Reighn handed it back.

“I did it again, didn’t I,” Undertaker said to Reighn.

Reighn nodded.

“That’s what years do to you in the Tower. Sure, you act like it doesn’t bother you but in reality we know we’re killing a fellow human being. The more you ignore it the bigger the demons get until one day you can barely control them on your own,” Undertaker looked at Reighn, “If you hadn’t have come along during that last mission when you did. I probably would have killed everyone. A little creature like you stopping a monster like me; who would have thought?”

Reighn looked away, hiding his embarrassment. The bell rang.

“Oh, I know I can be hard to deal with sometimes—”

The bell rang a couple times.

“Well, I wouldn’t say all the time—”

The bell still rang.

“Fine, most of the time,” Undertaker amended, “but the truth is that if it weren’t for you, I don’t think I could deal with those demons inside of me.”

Reighn shrugged.

“Oh, Reighn, don’t be so modest,” Undertaker smiled, “you know it’s true.”

Again, Reighn hid his embarrassment. The bell rang.

Undertaker looked at him, “What was that? I didn’t quite catch it.”

The bell rang again.

“What was my first power?” Undertaker shrugged, “There is no name for it really. I just steal others powers. Well, not stealing exactly. I copy their powers. Picked up some useful ones over time.”

Reighn nodded.

“Well, I guess I should start time up again, shouldn’t I?” Undertaker said.

He walked toward the boy and his ball with Reighn close behind him. Undertaker picked up the white ball and walked toward the boy. When he was in front of the child, still frozen in time, Undertaker looked at the white ball for a while. He smiled on of his thoughtful smiles like he knew something you didn’t.

“One day,” he said quietly.

Undertaker opened the boys closed running fist and placed the ball in his hand.

“Let’s go home,” he told Reighn.

They walked down the street a little ways. Time started and the boy started running again. He stopped and looked at the object in his hand. The boy looked around. He didn’t recall catching up to the ball. But oh, well. He had it. The boy ran off home to tell his parents what a day he had.

The boy ran past a man who wore a star on a silver necklace. He stared at the fading figures of Reighn and Undertaker. He took out a small notebook and wrote something in it before walking in the other direction.

On a roof top close by, the dark man sat and watched the scene play out. He smiled.

“So you’re hiding here too then, are you Undertaker?” he said.

He stood up and turned around. There was nothing else to see. He had thought only Fang could stop him but now it looks like the old crazy retired Agent had a few tricks up his sleeve. But then again, he didn’t seem interesting in the goings on of the Tower. He might not be that much of a threat. Time would have to tell.

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