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Insanity: Chapter Thirteen

Insanity Chapter Thirteen ~Final Battle~ Day Eleven Fang got to his feet, his ears were still ringing. He staggered to an overturned chair and set it up right before he sat in it. His head hung low. The police sirens … Continue reading

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Thunderbird: Chapter Thirteen

Starting File Sequence…  Thunderbirds Loading Digital Data…    Chapter Thirteen Initializing Play Back…  AVI Galaxy:   Milky Way Galaxy Cluster: Far Rim System:   Dholen Location: Gotha Date:     2186 CE Tasi sat on the bridge in front of one of the computers. Her … Continue reading

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Thadus: Chapter Thirteen

Mass Effect: Thadus Chapter Thirteen Safe A week had passed since the Traveler had left the zha’kril city and already the ship was already feeling small. The halls felt narrow and the walls seemed to be descending on their heads … Continue reading

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