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Insanity: Chapter Sixteen

Insanity Chapter Sixteen ~Downtime~ Fang lay in bed with a scowl on his face. It was nearly noon and he was growing tired of waiting for Shifter to show up. He had several people to take care of, including who … Continue reading

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Thunderbird: Chapter Sixteen

Starting File Sequence…  Thunderbird Loading Digital Data…    Chapter Sixteen Initializing Play Back…  The Legend Galaxy:   Milky Way Galaxy Cluster: Serpent Nebula System:   Widow Location: Citadel Date:     2186 CE Omega: It’s Time From: Aria T’Loak Subject: It’s time Shepard, I’m ready … Continue reading

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Thadus: Chapter Sixteen

Mass Effect: Thadus Chapter Sixteen  The Compound “What did you do!?” Vicia moved to decrease the space between them. She roughly pushed the quarian out of the way of the consol. Ral didn’t put up any resistance. Vicia’s eyes darted … Continue reading

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