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Insanity: Chapter Seventeen

Insanity Chapter Seventeen ~Why Bother Having Odds?~ A fall, trip, crash, forgetfulness, and a bout of careless later, Fang found himself on the day of the full moon calling the eye doctor for more glasses. Of all the scenarios Fang … Continue reading

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Thunderbird: Chapter Seventeen

Starting File Sequence…  Thunderbird Loading Digital Data…    Chapter Seventeen Initializing Play Back…  Barefaced Galaxy:   Milky Way Galaxy Cluster: Terminus Systems System:   Nemean Abyss Location: Cartagena Station Date:     2186 CE Tasi groggily opened her eyes. Immediately, she regretted it. Her head … Continue reading

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Thadus: Chapter Seventeen

Mass Effect: Thadus Chapter Seventeen An Empty Husk “What do you mean you ‘sent a message home’?” Vicia took a few steps back away from the quarian. Ral straightened out her suit before looking into the turians eyes, “I used … Continue reading

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