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Insanity: Chapter Fourteen

Insanity Chapter Fourteen ~Final Battle-Part Two~ Day Eleven The ground shook violently and Shadow jumped over a fissure as he threw three daggers as the Niko. The four daggers flew in four directions. Shadow was beginning to get a feeling … Continue reading

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Thunderbird: Chapter Fourteen

Starting File Sequence…  Thunderbirds Loading Digital Data…    Chapter Fourteen Initializing Play Back…  They Are Here… Galaxy:   Milky Way Galaxy Cluster: Titan Nebula System:   Haskins Location: Capek Date:     2186 CE The Thunderbird dropped out of FTL. It hovered momentarily suspended in … Continue reading

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Thadus: Chapter Fourteen

Mass Effect: Thadus Chapter Fourteen Bonding Khal stared at Consensus from across the dining table. He narrowed his eyes at the synthetic as he muttered something under his breath. With a wide motion, he placed his elbow on the table … Continue reading

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