Insanity: Chapter Thirty-Seven


Chapter Thirty-Seven


Day Thirty-One

A figure sat in the darkness, his mismatching eyes staring into shifting shadows. The scent of roses reached him and he turned slightly. A smile touched his lips as he saw the man behind him.

“Hello Rose,” the man said, “How’s Flare?”

“Not much better I’m afraid,” Rose answered.

“That isn’t good,” Zero muttered, “I’ll have to talk to her.”

Zero stood up lazily. Rose looked at him with curiosity.

“You’re going to see her now?” Rose asked.

“Might as well,” Zero said, “As of right now, she is completely useless to me. If she doesn’t snap out of it soon, I might as well cut my losses and kill her. There are plenty of other fire wielders out there.”

Zero walked past Rose. Rose was careful not to make any movements that might come across as disapproval. He had known Flare since he had been found by Zero. Flare made sure that Rose felt comfortable. Rose places a rose near his nose. Zero glided past him. Inside, Rose hoped that Flare would snap out of it soon.

Flare lay in a concrete cell. There were no doors or windows except for the bolted metal door that kept her in. She lay in a corner, her orange eyes staring into the darkness. She held a piece of chalk in her hands that Rose had snuck in for her. The walls were covered in suns with ‘X’s through them. Each sun was different in appearance. There was one that didn’t have an ‘X’ through it. She looked at it without blinking.

The door opened with an eerie creak. Flare shifted to see who it was. Her breath caught in her lungs when she was Zero. He looked at her.

“I hear you aren’t doing so well,” Zero said.

“I certainly have been better,” Flare looked away.

“Are you going to be alright in a few days?”

Flare quickly looked at the sun that wasn’t ‘X’ed through, “I’m a lot better now. I could go back to work this minute if you wanted me to.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Zero said, “I can’t afford wasting any more time with you like this.” Zero looked around the cell, “I’ll have to punish Rose for giving you that chalk.”

Flare flinched. She hadn’t intended for Rose to get in trouble.

“I made him get it for me,” she said.

“Not likely,” Zero said before turning around.

He started walking toward the door. Suddenly he stopped.

“Whoever he is to you,” Zero said, “I want you to kill him.”

Flare looked at Zero. Slowly, she nodded.

“Now get up,” Zero exited the room, “You look pathetic down there in the dirt. We’re headed out. Nest finally finished putting the device together.”

“It’s finished?” Flare asked.

Zero smiled and left the room.


Pawn Shop

Undertaker stood behind the large desk while Reighn calculated how much profits they made. His gold eyes looked out the glass window of his shop. There was something off and he didn’t know what. He looked down at Reighn.

“I think I’ll go for a walk,” he said.

Reighn shrugged. He didn’t care.

Undertaker left the shop and walked down the street. He wasn’t sure where he was going but life had thought him not to ignore instincts, even if you didn’t quite know what your instincts were saying. Undertaker walked toward Transaction Square. He sat at one of the tables and waited. His eyes looked at the sky. Yes, this was where he was supposed to be.

“Mom, I hate algebra!” a child complained, “Stupid alpha’s and beta’s! They make no sense!

Undertaker’s eyes shifted over to the child. His eyes narrowed on the child’s shirt. It had the number zero on it.

“Hey, Mr. Undertaker!” a voice said in front of him.

Undertaker put on a smile and turned toward the little girl, “Well, hello, Arisa. How are you and Blue doing today?”

Arisa looked behind her as Blue walked up, “We’re doing great! Fang let us go out shopping!”

“Well, that’s great!” Undertaker nodded.

He looked up at Blue. Blue seemed to be somewhere else at the moment. He had a worried look on his face that he kept hidden from Arisa.

“Arisa darling,” Undertaker smiled, “Why don’t you let Blue and I talk for a bit, hmm? I heard there was a man with a parrot somewhere around here.”


Blue looked in horror as she ran off without him. He was about run after her bit Undertaker grabbed his arm.

“It’s alright,” Undertaker said, dropping his light hearted accent, “She’ll be fine. She is a wolf after all.”

Slowly, Blue sat down. Undertaker smiled.

“You are fairly interesting,” he said.

Blue glanced over in the direction where Arisa ran off to. He looked at Undertaker. Undertaker filed through Blue’s mind. Blue knew the feeling and was slightly surprised. But he had nothing to hide.

“It’s been a while since you’ve seen her hasn’t it,” Undertaker said.

I guess.

“Kyra’s become Flare,” Undertaker stated, “You do realize that she might not be the same person.

I know!

“Hate me all you want but the fact is that she is the enemy in this battle. You have to know that she will kill you in an instant if she has too. Are you ready to do the same?” Undertaker questioned.

I could help her. She saved me. I have to return the favor.

Undertaker laughed, “I hate to break it to you but if you did manage to rescue her and bring her to the mansion Arisa would probably murder her in her sleep! The girl hates Kyra for taking you away and hurting you. At least that is how Arisa thinks of it.”

Blue stared blankly at the man in front of him.

“Because Kyra showed up you went all dark to the world. You were hurting and little Arisa, the poor dear, didn’t know how to help you. She was depressed for a while. As a child, and as a human, she needed something to blame for your pain and her inability to help. The obvious choice was Flare aka Kyra.”

Still the blank gaze from Blue.

“Don’t believe me?” Undertaker looked around.

Arisa came running up talking about the parrot man and Josie the parrot. She sat down on Blue’s lap.

Undertaker smiled, “Flare.”

Arisa stopped talking almost immediately. Her eyes narrowed slightly and her fists tightened.

“Oh, what’s the matter, little Miss?” Undertaker said.

“Nothing,” Arisa said through clenched teeth, “I just want to talk about something else.”

“Why not?” Undertaker asked, “We were just talking about Ky—”

“I don’t wanna talk about her!” Arisa shouted.

She jumped off Blue’s lap and ran off.

Undertaker nodded, “Yeah, there might be some jealousy in the mix somewhere too.”

Blue looked in dismay as he watched Arisa run off. He soon glared at Undertaker in an ‘I blame you’ sort of way.

Undertaker shrugged, “I’m just showing you the truth. She’s still very young. Up until now she never had to fight for your attention.”

Blue craned his neck to see if he could see Arisa anywhere. Eventually he got up and ran after her. Undertaker watched them run off. He smiled a little then went back to thinking. Alpha, beta and zero.

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