Insanity: Chapter Thirty-One


Chapter Thirty-One

~Voice of the Unheard – Part Two~

“What do you mean you had to fall back?!” Thomas shouted into the phone, “Why?!”

“I’ll tell you why!” Zorah yelled on the other end, “We’re being flooded out, that’s why!”

“A little water never hurt anyone!”

“A little? A little?!” Zorah was losing her patience, “There’s enough water here to drown a great whale! The first two floors are flooded and my knees are gettin’ wet! There are barely any survivors while you sit there rather comfortable like!”

“I want Fang killed!” Thomas shouted, “I need Fang killed!”

“Well, it ain’t happenin’ today, dear,” Zorah said.

Thomas frantically looked for a solution, “How many of you are there?”

“As far as I know,” Zorah paused, “just me.”

Thomas felt his heart sink to his stomach, “But that’s still a chance.”

“What was that?”

“Kill him,” Thomas said.

“I’m sorry, thought I ‘eard you say kill ‘I’m,” Zorah said in disbelief.

“I want you to kill him!”

“By myself?!”

“If you have to! I want him dead!” Thomas hung up the phone.

Zorah stood by the phone for another minute. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. The water was already up to her waist and he wanted her to kill Fang all by herself. In anger she hung up the phone. There was no point in standing around anymore. She needed to get to the stairs. At the stairwell she came across a surprise.

“He’s gone insane,” she muttered, “He’s gone bloody insane.”

“There she is!” Edonya waved at her from a floor above.

“I thought I heard her muttering,” Thae said

“Come on up, up, up,” Edonya said.

Relief washed over Zorah and she ran up the stairs to meet them.

“So this is where you blokes were hiding!” she hugged Edonya, “I thought you were dead!”

“Thae saved me!” Edonya chimed.

“Is ‘at so,” Zorah looked at Thae.

Thae crossed his arms and looked away, “Yeah, so what.”

“Nice to know someone has a heart,” Zorah’s smile disappeared, “At least half of one! Why didn’t ya save me too?”

“Look at her,” Thae said, “She can barely make it through this story let alone a current.”

“We’re in a story?” Edonya asked.

“Never mind,” Zorah glared at Thae.

Thomas breathed heavily. There was a chance. Not a big one but a chance is a chance. He started to breath normally again and even began to laugh.

“Thomas,” a voice said in the room.

Thomas’s half chuckle stopped. He felt cold all of a sudden. A hand came up behind him and touched under his chin. The hand forced Thomas to look into another man’s eyes. He trembled as he looked into the man’s eyes.

A pair of eyes looked into his. One was grey and the other was a dark glowing purple. A thing smile appeared in the darkness. The man had flowing black hair.

“Thomas,” the man said, “You failed me.”

“No. no,” Thomas shook his head, “There’s still a chance. There’s still a chance!”

“Oh, Thomas,” the man placed one finger on Thomas’s lips to silence him, “Let’s be logical now.”

Thomas hit the man’s hand away, “No! Stay away from he!”

“But you have something that belongs to me,” the man smiled.

The man’s purple eye stirred into a bright purple. Thomas screamed. When the room was quiet Thomas’s lifeless body fell in a heap on the ground. The man’s eye returned to its normal dark purple. He smiled.

“Now, now, Thomas,” the man looked down at Thomas, “We did have an agreement. Your soul for failure and life for Fang. You did fail, didn’t you?”

The man looked around the office. He left the room.

“Come on!” Zorah said as she ran up the stairs.

Edonya was fast asleep on Thae’s back. She had grown tired after the first or so flight of stairs and complained continuously after that so Thae let her on his back. He looked up Zorah.

“Try running with this lazy on your back,” Thae said.

“I wasn’t the one who decided to help her,” Zorah smiled.

Thae’s stance suddenly got defensive as he looked at something past her. Zorah grabbed her staff and looked at the threat. Two people stood on the landing just ahead of them. One was a man and he wore red. He smiled sweetly while smelling a black rose. His black hair hid part of his face as he looked at the three below with red eyes. He wore a red cloak with black roses on them. The other was a girl. She stared blankly at them with orange eyes. All that she wore was orange. Her hair was orange and short. She just wore orange leather and high heeled boots.

“Look what we have here, Flare,” the man said.

“Three survivors,” Flare said.

“That’s right,” the man said, “Right where Master said they’d be.”

“What do you what?” Zorah raised her staff.

The man bowed, “My apologies, we haven’t introduced ourselves, have we? I’m Black Rose but you can call be Rose. This is my associate Flare. Say hello, Flare.”

“Hello,” she said.

“That’s nice,” Rose said, “We are here to offer you the same invitation that our Master offered to us a long time ago. He asks if you would be interested to join us, the Zeta of Darkness.”

“And why should we join you?” Zorah said.

“We’ll have to kill you then,” Flare said.

“Hold on, Flare!” Rose said with a smile, “We should at least give them reasons why.”

“But Master said—”

“Master also said they’re valuable assets. If you kill them, they aren’t valuable anymore,” he looked back at the tree, “Again, my apologies. My partner here is a little too good at her job. She takes everything literally. You don’t have to join our team but you would be missing an opportunity to go down in history.”

“Really?” Edonya woke up.

Rose smiled, “Of course, my dear.”

“What would we go down in history for?” Thae asked, “The three stupidest people to fall for a line like that?”

“How about you name’s in the book for reforming this world?” Rose’s eyes narrowed.

He was really beginning to hate the one in black.

“What do you mean?” Zorah said with her weapon still raised.

“We Others have been put down enough. The humans hate us and wish we were all dead. They will continue to make our lives miserable. So we’ll have to either turn them all into us Others or kill them off,” Rose smiled, “There’s no need to worry though. Our Master is giving humans a chance. When we finally take over this world, we’ll be like kings!”

“And what makes you think we’ll join?” Thae asked.

“We’ll have to kill you if you don’t,” Flare said.

“We can also help you get Fang,” Rose nodded, “We want him dead. He is honestly the only one that can catch on to what we’re doing and stop us. It’s so sad how naïve people will be. We’re doing what we’re doing for a cause.”

“The end justifies the means, is that right?” Zorah asked. She lowered her weapon, “I do have a beef with Fang and his band of merry men.”

“We all do!” Edonya said, “And I don’t wanna die.”

Thae rolled his eyes, “So you guys are buying into this crap?”

“I don’t see why not,” Zorah said, “It’s the logical choice.”

“I’m in!” Edonya said.

“Great,” Thae said sarcastically, “Someone has to look after you. That forces me to join.”

“I have Zorah,” Edonya looked down at Thae.

“Yeah? Well look what happened,” Thae said, “You nearly burned to a crisp, got pulled into the floor and drowned in less than an hour. Face it, you need an army of people to look after you.”

“Thae, you’re mean!” Edonya jumped off his back and went to stand with Zorah.

“So you’re all joining?” Rose asked.

“Looks like it, Flower Boy,” Thae said.

Yeah, he was really hating this Thae.

“Well, that’s good news,” Rose said through clenched teeth.

Flare turned away slightly to hide a faint smile.

“That’s very good news,” a voice said.

Everyone looked up. A man with different colored eyes looked down at them.

“Master?” Rose asked, “What are you doing here? I had everything under control.”

“I’m sure you did,” the man said, “I never doubted you. I just got board of waiting. Come on, let’s get to the roof. Nest is waiting.”

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