Insanity: Chapter Twenty-Nine


Chapter Twenty-Nine

~The Windy City~

Fang stood on the roof of one of the tall building. He had to admit the view was breathtaking high above the Windy City (it was appropriate name because of the high winds above a certain point). With hair and cape blowing in the wind, Fang looked back at the others. They waited casually for their leader to tell them what to do.

The first phase of the plan was complete: steal a Shadowcraft and fly to Chicago. The second part: park it somewhere in the city, wasn’t so easy. Yes, it could turn invisible but it’s not like you could park in the middle of an intersection. A secluded field wound have been nice but there were none in the city. There was lots of water though. And after they parked the craft they would have to remember where they put it.

Imagine, a parking lot filled with invisible cars. You get out like “Yeah, I can so remember where I parked” and walk away. An hour later try to find your car again. If you think a trip to the supermarket is bad, just be thankful you can see your car.

The third part of the plan was to find the building, warehouse, house, apartment, condominium, and another structure of the one who hired Edonya to kidnap Arisa. Yeah, it sounded more rational in his head. Fang forgot how many buildings there were in Chicago. Then a thought came to him.

“We’ll wait here for night fall,” Fang said as he looked at the setting sun.

“Finally someone has a plan!” Alister complained, “We’ve been walkin ‘round all day!”

Fang looked at Alister, “I always have a plan. Some are just more developed than others.”

“Really? I bet even Blue could have figured out somethin’ faster than you did if ‘e tried! Heck even I could” Alister continued.

What!? Just so you know I’m higher up in the IQ ladder than you! You could figure out how to—

“Quiet Blue, I’m thinking,” Fang said.

Blue’s shoulders dropped and his eyes narrowed.

Really? I can’t get a word in? But he—

“In a moment, Blue,” Fang interrupted.

“What are you talkin’ ‘bout!? ‘E ain’t sayin’ anything?” Alister said.

Blue’s mouth opened in a silent sigh and he cough the urge to strangle Alister to death there and then.

“It okay, Blue,” Arisa patted his back, “We don’t need him. This way we can talk about him without him knowing it.”

Alister jumped up, “Wait one bloody second! You’re talking about me! What ‘ave you been sayin, eh?! Spill it afore I shoot enough holes in you to make Swiss cheese!”

Fang sighed, “Behave.”

“You ‘eard what they said! They’ve been talkn’ ‘bout me! Aren’t you goin to do anything!”

“Grow up, Alister,” Fang muttered.

Alister looked dumfounded.

So immature.

“I couldn’t have said it better,” Arisa mused.

“Said what?” Alister looked back at her.

“Nothing,” she shrugged, “Just something Blue said.”

“He didn’t say anything!?” Alister shouted.

Fang watched as the buildings turned on their lights in the darkening light. He made careful mental notes of the ones that had their lights on earlier in the afternoon. He watched and watched. Slowly he noticed one building with its light turned off even as the sun had set a while ago.

“There you are,” Fang muttered.

He walked to the edge of the building. The others noticed the movement and started collecting their things. Fang stepped off the edge and fell several feet. He landed on a horizontal flagpole that jetted out of the side of the building. Fang jumped, gripped onto the pole and landed on the sidewalk. He walked casually through the streets.

“Show off,” Shadow said as he walked out of the building wall.

Fang found his way to the suspicious building. He found a perch a few buildings away and sure enough the suspect building was dark. Fang crouched and closed his eyes. He shushed Alister and focused his hearing into the building. Sure enough he heard commotion inside. It seemed they were working in the dark. And from what Fang could here, they knew that they were coming. Fang shrugged, they must have triggered some alarm somewhere. He stood up and turned around. His eyes fell on a camera that eyed them, the red light blinking. Fang brought out his gun and shot at the camera.

“That’s how they knew about us,” Fang said.

“Great,” Shadow said sarcastically.

“We lost the element of surprise,” Penelope sighed.

Alister looked ticked, “Well, what now genius? You got any ideas Blue?”


“See, he doesn’t say anythin’,” Alister unknowingly interrupted.

“Well, since we did lose the element of surprise,” Fang said, “The only thing we can do now is to do what they expect us to do while we do something they don’t expect but what we really intended.”

“What?” Raved stared.

“Just trust me and it will work,” Fang said.

“I’m good with that,” Raven said, “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

“Good,” Fang said, “That’s how I usually like it.”


Mystery Building

The phone rang in the familiar office. Thomas reached over to answer it.

“What is it?” he asked with annoyance, he paused, “What do you mean he’s here!? Yes, I want you to do something about it! Are you that dense!? Sent the teams out!”

He hung up. This wasn’t good. The phone rang again.

“What did I tell you?!”

“You didn’t tell me anything,” a voice said.

Thomas stopped. He forced himself to calm down.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I thought you were someone else.”

“I could tell,” the voice said, “Is everything all right?”

Thomas paused for a moment to long, “No, no! One of the Others blasted a hole through the training simulator. As you can imagine, it’s one of the last things I need right now.”

“Yes,” the voice paused, “I’m sure.”

“If that’s all, I need to get back to—”

“You remember out contract don’t you?” the voice said.

Thomas swallowed, “Yes, of course I do.”

“I’m a man of my word, Thomas. Don’t fail me,” the voice said.

“I won’t,” Thomas answered.

“We’ll just have to see about that,” the phone hung up.

Thomas put the phone down, stood up and ran out of the office. He walked through the building and walked into a room filled with Others. They looked up from various activities like card games, pool, and the likes.

“Alright! Anyone who kills Fang and his team gets paid ten times what they are now! Now, go and get the job done!” Thomas commanded.

There were cheers as people ran out of the room to start the hunt. Edonya looked around the room. She saw Thae and tightened her fists. She didn’t care who got the raise but she was going to everything she could to stop Thae from getting. He thought she was annoying? Well, there was no need to disappoint. Zorah sat the look in her eyes from afar. She was older than Edonya and was a few years older than Thae. Zorah smiled. She was getting to old for this. She walked over to Edonya.

“Hey, I need ta talk to ya,” her arm was around Edonya’s shoulder as she turned her away from Thae, “You’re a nice girl ‘an all, you really think ya should be lettin’ go of a friendship?”

“Friendship?” Edonya looked up at her, “Me and Thae? We’re so not friends.”

“That frown ya got on don’t look to nice on you, ya know,” Zorah said.

“If he hated me so much than why did he stay? He could have gotten a different team!” Edonya said.

“Well, ‘e was ‘aving a bad day,” Zorah said, “I don’t think ‘e meant it. ‘Sides, you’re right. ‘E could have gotten another team, but ‘e didn’t. Heck, I’d go all the way an say ‘e likes you.”

Edonya looked over at Thae, “You think?”

“Now, I said ‘likes’ as in a little more than a friend but not a lover, mind you. But ‘e cares for your wellbeing.”

Edonya scowled, “I’ll only talk to him if he apologizes!”

“That might be a while,” Zorah sighed, “He’s type isn’t the type to do that type of thing. But one way or another, his type finds other ways to show they’re sorry.”

“I don’t buy it!” Edonya shook her head.

“Not askin’ ya to! C’mon! The others have a head start!” Zorah said as she started running for the door.

Edonya turned to look at Thae. Their eyes met for a moment before Edonya showed her disproval by sticking her nose in the air and then running after Zorah. Thae watched her run out the door. He was careful to hide it but his eyes looked kind of sad.

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