Insanity: Chapter Twenty-Eight


Chapter Twenty-Eight


He was running down a hallway. A right turn, a left turn. He felt he was getting close to something. Fang kept running until he got to a hallway filled with slits as windows. Beyond the windows was hanger upon hanger of Shadowcrafts. He got to the end of the hallway. There was a door with a number key password. For some reason he knew the code and typed it in. The door opened and he ran in. In front of him was the Shadowcraft.

Fang came back. He was leaning against a wall.

“Fang?” Shadow asked, “Why did you stop running? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Fang said and ran down the hallway again.

His mind went over his latest vision. Why had they been starting recently? He hadn’t had much time to think it through since they started a few days ago. In his knowledge he hadn’t ever had any types of visions before.

Fang glanced behind him, making sure the others were still following him. Beyond them was a stream of Agents that were hot on their trail.

“Will someone please slow them down?” Fang asked.

Blue touched the wall with one hand while Arisa, who clung to his back, turned and snapped her fingers. There was a large explosion that was quickly blocked off by a thick wall of ice. That only temporarily took care of the problem.

The Agents that were dealt with were quickly replaced as Agents poured in from the hallways feeding into the one where they were running. Fang heard Shadow sigh and disappear into the wall. Raven untied her cloak and let it fall. Penelope reached into her pocket as Alister quickly assembled parts of a gun that he stored all over his person. Fang assessed the situation. They just needed enough time to get to the hallway that Fang saw in his vision.

“Penelope, Raven, Shadow, and Alister,” Fang said, “that’s the order, now go!”

Penelope dropped her object. It rolled a little as the team passed by it. A small blue light flashed quickly before bursting into a bright light. In their surprise, some of the Agents fired their weapons. Raven gripped onto one of her long swords. In a flash, she turned. With incredible speed she cut down all of the bullets that threatened to harm anyone in the team. Her green eyes were incredibly focused. The Agents stared firing deliberately at her. Shadow appeared, disarmed a few of their weapons and disappeared again. Confused a few Agents looked around only to be visited by the disappearing shadow. With the gun assembled Alister turned around and fired. The bullets were aimed exactly where they needed to be. A few passed by Raven’s head without harming her. Blue flicked his wrist and ice spikes shot up from the ground, blocking the Agent’s passage. Arisa closed her eyes and snapped. A blaze appeared behind the ice prison.

Fang looked around him all the while looking for that hallway. There was a sinking feeling in his gut that he had missed it. Shadow returned to his side from the wall.

Agents appeared in the hallway in front of them. Without thinking Fang ducked to his right into a different hallway. Blue was the last one to follow. He touched the corner, blocking anyone else from following. This was the hallway.

Fang ran into the hallway on his left. Alister fired at a few Agents who were ahead in the hallway they were once in. Fang followed where his vision had told him, somehow dodging all of the Agents attempts to block them off. Soon they were in the hallway where all the hangars were located.

The windows reflected their journey down the hallway. Fang got to the door first. He hoped his vision was right in the password. Fang typed in the series of numbers that he had seen. The key pad flashed red twice before giving a green go signal.

Agents started running down the stretch of hallway they were in. Fang held the door open as the others ran in. Quickly, Fang kicked the key pad and went in. He was in a large open space. The others were running to a Shadowcraft.

The craft stood on three points, the nose and the wings. The three points bent down when the craft landed and straightened when it was in flight. The Shadowcraft wasn’t small like an American fighter jet, in fact it was rather large, but it was silent and virtually invisible to the rest of the world. No one could track a Shadowcraft and only the Tower had them.

Penelope knelt down as she plugged her laptop in to one of the bent wings that served as support. She pressed a few buttons and eventually the door underneath the aircraft descended. Raven ran up the slanted walkway into the aircraft. The others followed. Fang ran in with Penelope after she had unplugged her laptop.

The inside of the aircraft was well lit. The first thing they saw was a round room filled with different uniforms for the Agents for different purposes. There was a sliding door in front of the stairs across from the ramp. The ramp folded and rose again. Fang walked through the sliding door. There was a long hallway until another door.

Through the door was the control room. The floor slanted slightly as Raven got into the pilot seat. She flipped several switches and the engines came on. Shadow got into the copilot seat that was a little behind hers. Everyone else got into just about any seat they could.

“PLEASE ENTER AGENT CODE,” the computer demanded.

Penelope sat in a chair parallel to Shadows. It had a sort of light screen in front of it and a keyboard. Her fingers typed wildly over the key board and eventually—


Raven grabbed the steering wheel; it was a round back semicircle in front of her. Shadow had a similar one only it was about half the size of Raven’s. She placed her hands on top of it and closed her eyes.

“Nervous?” Shadow asked.

“Shut up!” Raven snapped, “There is a reason only Agents fly this thing!”

She looked to be concentrating really hard. Slowly the craft started to rise from the ground and hover. The three points started to straighten out. The lights of the screens lit up. Raven opened her eyes. She moved her hands forward and the craft started to move.


“Closing?” Arisa asked.

“Looks like there was a flight ahead of us,” Alister noted.

Fang was in a seat right by the window. The window was like a wide scar from one side of the control room to the other. He glanced out and saw Agents streaming out of the hallway. One of them looked familiar. Fang sat up in his seat. It was Sage. Sage looked up at the air craft. The other Agents seemed to take care not to run into him as they tried to get into aircrafts of their own to catch up with them. There was an air of authority about him that intrigued Fang. Their eyes seemed to meet for a second before the craft shot forward.


There were a few bumps as the craft’s wing clipped things or other crafts still on the ground. Raven squinted in concentration as she tried to keep the craft steady. The sped sown a long corridor and soon they saw a ray of light that was quickly getting smaller. The bay doors. Arisa gripped on to Blue’s hand.


“We aren’t going to make it,” she whispered.

“Yes, we are!” Raven said.

Raven gripped on to the circle harder and squinted so hard that she nearly closed her eyes. Suddenly, the craft tilted to one side. She dodged three missiles and saw them crash and burn on the bay doors. They were close now and everyone held their breath as they approached and the gap between the doors grew smaller.

With every ounce of her mind and body, she screamed. The craft shot forward and passed through the doors moments before it closed for good.

The Shadowcraft sped out of the side of a cliff known as Light Tower Cliff. In ascended past the clouds where it slowed its speed and cruised as fast speeds. Everyone cheered except for Raven who sat back in her seat in exhaustion.


Shadow looked around for Fang. He caught him in the middle of a sigh of relief. Shadow smiled. It was always so interesting what you caught Fang dong when he though no one was watching.

“So where to?” Raven asked when she caught her breath.

“Chicago,” Fang said.

The cheering stopped.

“You do realize that our commercial airplanes on the Island do fly there right?” Alister said.

Fang shrugged, “This way we don’t have to worry about weighing baggage.” 

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