Insanity: Chapter Twenty-Seven


Chapter Twenty-Seven

~Code Red 4-296~

A brown delivery truck drove up to the tower walk way. One of the guards in a business suit walked up to the van. The driver rolled down the passenger window.

“Hey, were do I put these things? There are quite a few of them,” the man’s hair was blond and his eyes were blue.

His uniform was brown like the truck; a brown hat, brown shirt and pants, even his shoes were brown. He smiled at the guard as he waited for his answer. The guard took in his appearance.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” the guard said.

“New on the job!” the man said.

“We didn’t hear about any changes in your department,” the guard looked at the others that looked like him.

They started walking over but their approach didn’t faze the young man.

“Oh yeah, I was supposed to come next week but Jim, the usual, got sick and no one else in the department could fill in so here I am,” he smiled again.

By now three other guards stood at the window. The one asking the questions looked at the others around him. He nodded and they went to the back of the van.

“If you don’t mind, we’d like to take a look,” the guard said.

“Oh, no problem! Let me get out and help,” the young man said.

The guard raised his hand to stop the man, “That won’t be necessary.”

One of the other guards opened the back. There were stacks of boxes. They were normal in size and shape. The guards stepped in and had a closer look around. When they weren’t watching the young driver rolled his eyes in annoyance. He put on that carefree smile again and looked out the window.

“There isn’t a problem is there?” he said.

The guards had one more look over before they started to exit the van. One of the guards kicked a box as he exited. A muffled ‘ow’ escaped the box. None of his other colleagues heard it but he stooped to get a closer look at the talking box.

The driver saw what had happened through his rear view mirror that looked into the back of his truck.

“Those talking dolls. They scare the crap out of me, you know,” he said playfully.

“Yeah,” the guard said, “They do.”

“Come on,” said another guard, “We have better things to do.”

The guard nodded and forgot about the talking box. The guards closed the doors and told the young smiling driver where to go.

“Suckers,” he said as he drove off.

He drove to the side of the building where it descended to an underground parking lot where the electricians and the like park. The young driver parked and stopped the car. He had made sure to park in a darkened area near the stairs. The parking lot was empty as he got out of the driver seat and walked to the back. He opened the door and kicked the talking box.

“Owwww!” it said.

“Oh, good grief! Fang do you realize how close we all were to having the Tower’s wrath on our backs!” the driver said.

There was a ripping sound from another one of the boxes. A knife poked up from the inside and cut down the center line. When it was cut, Fang stood up and stretched. He looked at the talking box and sighed.

“She can blow through a boat but a kick makes her almost cry,” he muttered.

“I almost let my guard down!” the driver said.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t, Shifter,” Fang stepped out of the box, “Where are the cameras?”

“Not to worry,” Penelope popped out of a box with her laptop, “Their having technical difficulties.”

“All right,” Fang nodded, “Everybody out!”

One by one, the Wolves stepped out of their cramped spaces and out of the van. They walked toward the stairs. Fang was about to join them.

“Hey, what about my seven-thousand?” Shifter asked.

Fang paused, “I’ll give it to you when we get back.”

“But you promised!”

“The banks can’t withdraw that much money in such short a notice,” Fang looked back, “That and consider it pay back. I don’t take kindly to people who think their smarter than me.”

He turned and walked away into the building. Shifter sighed, looked like Fang got the last laugh on this one. Defeated, he closed the truck and drove away.

In the stairwell, Penelope passed out fake ID’s. They reached the ground floor but the door was locked. Penelope pulled out a contraption and connected it. Numbers scrolled across it until it found the code and opened the door.

They casually walked into the lobby. Penelope held her laptop underneath her arm and glanced at it so often.

“Don’t we need to get back underground?” Alister asked.

“Yeah, but the only way we can do that is by going in to the center of the building then down,” Penelope muttered.

The inside of the Tower was amazing. Clear glass elevators brought you to your destination, the floors looked like they were waxed daily, each step of the stairs had the Tower logo on it and the floors reached as far up as the eye could see.

I’d hate to fall from up there.

“Yeah,” Arisa whispered.

“And to think, that isn’t even the top floor,” Penelope pushed her glasses up her nose, “Come on, I think we go this way. Try to look like we know where were going.”

They followed the girl up a flight of stairs and down a hallway. They passed rooms upon rooms almost the size of their house. The rooms were either filled with scientists bending over their microscopes or with engineers testing the newest weaponry they had just invented.

Fang was well aware of the envious comments of the others as they looked at the different technologies, uniforms and gadgets but he chose to completely ignore them. They had stopped in a hallway while Penelope tried to interpret the map she found. Apparently, there was supposed to be a door where there was actually a wall. He looked around and caught eye of a man talking with a few scientists. The man shook his head slightly as he interpreted what the scientists were saying.

“We could always just ask for directions,” Raven said, “I mean there are a billion people here and I doubt that every single one knows where they are going. We could say we’re new and don’t have a clue where we’re going.”

“And that’s why we need to find a janitor closet?” Alister shook his head, “That makes no sense. We can find it, it’s gotta be ‘round ‘ere somewhere.”

“We’re on a limited time frame,” Penelope said, “the cameras will start working any minute from now.”

“What are with men and asking for directions?” Arisa sighed.

I ask for directions.

“I know, Blue,” Arisa amended, “I mean every guy except you.”

“What about me?” Shadow asked.

“What about you?” Raven said.

Fang walked down the hallway over to the man. The man had short white blond hair. His blue eyes shined like azurites. He wore casual clothes; a white t-shirt, black jeans and open toes shoes. Around his neck was a silver necklace that held a star like pendant attached. The man looked young but Fang could tell that he was even older than Undertaker (however old he was). He smiled as the scientists as they left. His azure eyes caught sight of Fang and he turned and smiled at him.

“I haven’t seen you yet,” the man smiled, “What’s your name?”

Fang said nothing at first, “It isn’t that important, you’ll forget it later anyway. Do you know if there is a cleaning room around here?”

The man looked confused. He was slightly taller than Fang but not tall enough for one to seemingly overpower the other.

“There was a spill in one of the rooms here, a big sticky mess,” Fang lied, “That’s why we don’t bring sodas in here, right?”

The man looked like he didn’t at all believe Fang’s story. His eyes looked past Fang and to the others behind him. He looked at Fang again and smiled.

“Let’s start again,” the man said, “I’m Sage Tariq. What’s your name?”

Fang paused a little too long, “Oliver Fai.”

“Well, we’ll just have to assume that that isn’t your real name but alright I’ll play along,” the man’s eyes danced, “So what do you need, Oliver Fai?”

“Directions to the cleaning supplies,” Fang said.

Sage looked past Fang again, “Why do you need to go to the cleaning room?” he asked them.

They looked confused and Fang had to fight the urge to yell at them. The man nodded and looked at Fang again.

“So now I know that’s a lie too,” he said with a smile, “I’ll give you directions.”

“You will?” Fang asked.

“Yes, then after five minutes I’ll notify the every agent in this building to deal with you. Left, down the hallway, third door on your right. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ray gun to inspect.”

Sage walked past Fang and the others. The others stared after him as Fang walked up.

“Come on! What are you guys waiting for? An engraved invitation?” Fang said, “Let’s go!”

He led them down the hallway toward the supply room. Penelope went in and found the wires she was looking for. Alister looked at Raven.

“This is why we men don’t ask for directions!” he yelled.

I ask for directions!

“We know Blue,” Shadow said, “We know.”

Suddenly the hallways were bathed in a red color and a woman’s voice sounded over the intercom.

“Attention, we are going into lock down. Please remain where you are. Agents requested at section 45. This is code red 4-296. Thank you.”

“Penelope what did you do?!” Arisa shouted.

“I didn’t do anything!” she defended herself.

“What do you need to get done?!” Fang said.

“I needed to kill the camera’s again!”

“Then kill them and let’s get out of here!”

“But I also need to find the way to the hangers!”

“We’ll find our own way!”

With that they ran down hallway after hallway. Eventually, they reached a glass walkway that hung above several floors of the Tower. Fang looked down. This wasn’t where they were supposed to be.

“There they are!” three people stood on the walkway in front of them

“We got ‘em,” another three people said from behind them.

Fang thought. They needed to go down right? Fang brought out his gun and shot at the walkway. Their part fell through sending them falling from several stories. On the ground floor, Fang landed on his feet. Everyone else stumbled.

“You sure you’re a wolf Fang? I could swear you have some cat or panther in you somewhere,” Shadow commented.

“Shut up!” Fang said and started running deeper into the building.

Shadow looked behind him; they were starting to become surrounded with Agents.

I told you I’d hate to fall from that high.

“We know Blue,” Arisa patted his head as he carried her on his back, “We know.”

They ran after Fang. He had no idea where he was going and how to get there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt his mind begin to wander.

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