Insanity: Chapter Twenty-Two


Chapter Twenty-Two

~Play and Repeat~

“Go get the mail, Shadow,” Fang said.

“Expecting something special?” Shadow smiled.

“Well, if the kidnappers were going to tell us the ransom price they would either call or mail it. They had their chance to call so now the chances go heavily in favor of mail,” Fang said all of that before his next sip of tea.

Shadow looked impressed, “Someone is feeling better.”

He left the living room and went to get the mail. When he walked in again, he was fixated with a letter.

“‘We don’t ask for much. We just want to see Fang alone at the Docks. The key word being alone. If anyone comes with him little Arisa dies. Any time will do.’” Shadow looked up at Fang.


“What’s interesting?” Shadow’s voice pierced into his dream.

Fang woke up with a start. He wasn’t expecting a real life answer. His tired eyes scanned the room as Shadow stood by his dresser.

“Nothing,” Fang said, “It was just a dream.”

“Oh,” Shadow scowled, “You don’t usually talk in your sleep.”

“I don’t,” Fang got out of bed, “I guess it was just a really vivid dream.”

“What was it about?”

Fang paused, “Something about a letter, I think.”

Shadow smiled, “Okay, we aren’t at 100% but we’re getting there. A big improvement from yesterday.”

“Shut up,” Fang muttered dangerously.

“I’ll see you downstairs, Morning Beauty,” Shadow headed for the door, “your bath is ready.”

When Fang was bathed and clothed he headed downstairs. His tea was ready in the living room. He sat in his usual chair and sipped the heavenly drink. You don’t expect whatever deity you believe in to drink coffee, do you?

A thought came to Fang, “Go get the mail, Shadow.”

Shadow stopped on his way to the kitchen, he smiled, “Expecting anything special?”

Fang paused and then he said slowly, “Well, if the kidnappers were going to tell us the ransom price they would either call or mail it. They had their chance to call so now the chances go heavily in favor of mail.”

After that he sipped his tea.

Shadow nodded in an impressed manor, “Someone is feeling better. I told you a night’s sleep would do wonders.”

Obediently, Shadow left to get the mail. When he walked in again his eyes were glued to one of the letters.

“Let me guess,” Fang said, “The letter says, “We don’t ask for much. We just want to see fang alone at the Docks. The key word being alone. If anyone comes with him little Arisa dies. Any time will do”, right?”

Shadow just stared, “That’s beyond creepy.”

“Interesting,” Fang simply muttered, “You know that weird feeling that you have done something before. What’s it called? Dejavu?”

“Yeah,” Shadow ventured.

“This isn’t it,” Fang said.

“Oh,” Shadow was so confused, “That’s good. We can rule out dejavu. Dejavu’s out. Now we can focus on what it might be.”

“It didn’t happen exactly but it was awfully close,” Fang said to himself.

“What was awfully close?” Shadow asked.

“My dream,” Fang said.

“Wait, you dreamed about this?” Shadow looked skeptical, “You dreamed about this situation that isn’t exactly right and isn’t dejavu? Interesting.”

“It is quite interesting,” Fang agreed.

“Fang, maybe you were just so worried about Arisa that you dreamed something similar. It’s just a dream, Fang. Besides, Fang, you said yourself you had no powers. It probably was a dream,”

“I don’t think it’s just a dream,” Fang shook his head, “I’ll think about it later, right now what I need to is—”

“Fang! Blue’s missing!” Alister came charging down the stairs.

Fang’s eyes darted to him, “What do you mean by ‘Blue’s missing?”

“I just checked on him myself,” Shadow said, “He was sound asleep when I checked on him.”

“Well obviously he was faking it ‘cause when I looked to see if ‘e was all right ‘e was gone!” Alister was concerned.

Fang got up and walked down the hallway toward Blue’s room. The room was still neat except for the bed with its covers recently thrown off. Fang touched the bed. It was still warm. He looked at the window that was partially opened. Fang opened it some more and looked down. The fall was rather high but Fang saw a large vine near the window. It wouldn’t have carried a normal human weight but if Blue was in his water form it could hold him. Fang looked out in to their woods-like back yard.

“He can’t have gone far,” Fang said before exiting the room.

“Well,” Alister stated, “what if he went to find Arisa on his own?”

“Blue is emotional,” Fang said, “not stupid. He knows he has the best chance to get Arisa back by staying with us. I’ll be out for a while. Make breakfast, Shadow.”

Shadow stopped. He muttered something along the lines of ‘oh sure, I just love making breakfast’.

“What about me?” Alister asked.

“Stay away from the kitchen,” Fang said.

Fang walked into the back yard. The sky was cloudy and looked like he was about He looked around for a moment that continued down a path. Fang walked through the woods. As he walked he heard the sound of a small waterfall. He remembered the previous owners told him about the surrounding property. As he remembered, they said that there was a small shelter by a small river and waterfall. Logically, it sounded like Blue would have found his way there. Fang followed the noise until he saw a small shelter by a small river. He walked closer and saw Blue sitting there overlooking the water.

Blue didn’t notice Fang coming closer. Fang walked up to him.

“There you are, Blue,” Fang said, “You had everyone worried.”

Blue looked up. He looked like he had been crying. Blue turned away and whipped his eyes.

“No need for that Blue,” Fang sat down beside him, “You’re worried.”

Blue looked at Fang.

I miss her.

Fang nodded, “It’s all right. We’ll get her back to say or tomorrow. We got their letter.”

Blue looked up. Obviously he wanted to know what the letter said.

“You don’t need to know,” Fang paused as a roll of thunder passed overhead in the agitated clouds, “Hopefully it starts raining soon.”

Blue looked at the clouds.

What’s your plan?

Fang smiled, “I like to keep them to myself until its right before its time to deploy. That way you can’t think about how crazy they sound.”

Blue smiled.

They don’t sound crazy.

“That just shows how insane you guys really are,” Fang smiled.

Blue had to agree.

“If it rains well go tonight,” Fang said, “If it doesn’t than we’ll have to go tomorrow.”

I hope it rains.

“So do I, Blue,” Fang said.

There was a clap of thunder and the rain started to fall. They sat a while longer as the rain fell harder. Blue looked at the little river as it grew. The ripples that the little drops of water caused seemed to put a child-like smile on his face. He looked at Fang with a glitter in his eyes. Fang looked at his watch.

“I guess we could start to get ready to go,” Fang said.

Where are we going?

“We’re headed down to the Docks,” Fang got up, “At least some of us are.”

Fang gestured for Blue to follow him. Blue got up and they walked home. The look on Blue’s rain kissed face was a mix of determination and happiness.

Reighn sat in the bushes visibly irked. When he knew that even Fang was way out of ear shot he rang the bell on his tail.

“I want you to find out all you can,” he said.

“Now don’t look at me that way,” he said.

“I know that it looks like it but it isn’t supposed to rain today,” he said. The pathological liar! How did he remember all of the lies he started?

Reighn crawled out of the bush. The rain was coming down hard now and he had to report what he heard to Undertaker. Once he picked the burs out of his fur he started walking home; the bell rang on occasion in little insults to his master.

Once he was well off of Fang’s property, he turned the corner. As he did there was a dim purple light and a young man appeared making his way home in the rain. The bell on his right hand barely made a noise as he walked briskly home. He found his way to the Pawn Shop; he could find his way home from anywhere.

“Oh, Reighn! There you are! I was beginning to worry about you,” Undertaker smiled, his eyes glittering in the dark.

The bell rang.

“Now, now, Reighn, I didn’t say it wouldn’t rain tonight. I said it wouldn’t rain today,” Undertaker smiled.

Pathological liar!

Reighn scowled. He walked past the Undertaker and started to walk through the door.

“Well, what are their plans?” Undertaker asked.

The bell rang.

“The Docks?” Undertaker smiled, “What do you thing about checking up on things later?”

Reighn stopped. The bell rang.

“Good,” Undertaker said, “now go upstairs and get a change of clothes. You’re soaked.”

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