Insanity: Chapter Nineteen


Chapter Nineteen

~Undertaker’s Perpetual Poking Attack!~

Few Days Ago

“‘Ey! What’s a girl gotta do ta get some food ‘round ‘ere!”

“Really, Zorah? Do you have to be so noisy?”

“Din’t see any sign ‘at said I couldn’t be,” Zorah walked in a dark room. She looked at a figure sitting in a large chair. The chair was turned and the figure stared out of the windows at the city landscape. It was getting late and the lights of the skyscrapers were slowly growing dim.

The figure smiled, “You failed, Zorah.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t ya think I know ‘at,” Zorah crossed her arms.

“No need to get annoyed. I was just stating a fact. How much money did you acquire?”

“Don’t remember,” she said, “I didn’t find him though. Ya sure that he’s on the Island?”

“Almost positive,” the figure said, “I’ve looked everywhere else. The man who killed my father has to be there.”

“Ya know; there was this one fellow who kinda looked like the way you described ‘im.”

“You mean Fang,” the figure paused, “Yes, I’ve kept a close eye on him.”

The phone rang and the figure picked it up. There was silence as he listened.

“Yes, yes, of course. As you wish,” there was a pause, “No, thank you.”

The figure pressed a button on a device, “Send Edonya up please.”

“You’re sendin’ ‘er? What can she do? An’ who was that?” Zorah was a little ticked.

“The weather is nice this time of year on the Island. A Circus might be a nice activity that they can’t overlook,” the figure turned the chair slightly, “And as for who that was, you don’t need to know.”

“Now what makes you say that,” Zorah crossed her arms, “I think I’m quite capable a knowin’ what I want to know an don’t know.”

She could feel the figure staring at her but Zorah wasn’t one to back down. Her hands moved to her hips in an impatient manor. The figure sighed. He knew she wouldn’t back down until her demands were satisfied.

“Let’s just say that,” he tried to think of the right words, “that this client helped me gain this position. For a price that is.”

“An’ what does Edonya have anything ta do with that?” Zorah pointed to the phone.

The man looked at it, “We’re after the same man. The one who killed my father.”

Zorah was about to say something more when the there was a knock at the door. The figure looked back out the window. Zorah knew when she was dismissed, knowing that had kept her alive all this time. She opened the door passing a girl on the way out.


Transaction Square

Fang sighed in the miserable heat. He sat on a bench outside and watched as the fire hydrants released their generous amounts of water into the streets. The other Wolves along with most of the residents in their area played in the water or enjoyed the free ice cream that the local vendors offered. The Undertaker sat next to him as Reighn played with the others. For some reason, everyone’s air conditioners broke at the same time. So the fix it company was booked and the Undertaker had to close shop yet again.

The heat seemed to make even criminals not want to do anything. It had been a day since their re-activation and they hadn’t heard anything from the Tower. Fang was really beginning to get agitated with all of his spending lately. The day after the beach they went to a carnival that was in their area of the Island. The next day they went to see the newest movie, kid appropriate of course. Then the day after they went to an amusement park. Fang didn’t like spending too much money but the others seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Today it was about a hundred degrees and would be in the triple digits for the next few days. That would be fun.

“Aren’t you hot in that thing?” Fang asked Undertaker.

“I’ve been in hotter situations than this,” he smiled, “This is just another day with the Tower to me. Only this time I’m retired.”

“Did you ever lose sleep over it?” Fang asked, “You know about killing people?”

The Undertaker smiled as if remembering fond memories, “Not in the least.”

Fang rolled his eyes as the Undertaker laughed to himself. Reighn walked over with its bell in its hands. He held it up to his owner.

“Oh, dear,” the Undertaker smiled, “did it come off during the excitement? Well, we can put it back on later. No point doing it now while you’re still playing.”

The little creature nodded and went off again to play. Fang sighed loudly.

“I hate this weather,” he muttered.

Undertaker ignored his comment. His gold eyes could barely be seen but they were intensely focused even with his obnoxious smile on his face. He scanned the crowd carefully. When he was satisfied, his hat lowered and his hair covered his eyes again. He turned toward Fang.

“You know, there is a circus coming into town,” he stated.

Fang eyed him, “And?”

Undertaker shrugged, “Might be something interesting for the others to experience.”

“So what if they haven’t been to any circus’s,” Fang looked out at the scene in front of them, “besides, we might get a job tomorrow.”

Undertaker smiled as he reached into his cloak, “Oh, dear, you mean a job that involves going to the circus.”

Fang stared at the folder in Undertaker’s hand, “You had that the whole time!?”

“Well, now, you can’t blame me,” Undertaker’s smile widened, “a crazy old coot like me tends to forget things very easily.”

“Crazy is an understatement,” Fang turned away from him, “there are no words to describe how insane you are.”

Undertaker laughed, “You do want it, don’t you?”

He poked Fang with the folder repeatedly. Fang didn’t react. He hated the circus and he knew the Undertaker knew that. It was a bad memory that he would rather forget. But he did need the money. Fang glared at the mad man who was poking at him in the arm with a folder. A low growl escaped from Fang’s throat but the Undertaker knew that his bark was worse that his bite; with friends at least. Fang’s eyes turned from Undertaker to the folder.

“What is the mission exactly?” Fang asked.

“You either take it or leave it,” Undertaker snickered, “and frankly, I can keep this up all day.”

“I’m not taking it.”

Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

“Come on, Fang,” Undertaker stuck his tongue out, “Everyone is afraid of clowns one way or another, but people deal with it.”

“I’m not afraid of clowns,” Fang’s eyes narrowed.




Poke. Poke.


“The animals with the long noses?” Fang stared at him with disbelief, “No!”

Poke. Poke. Poke.

“What about those dagger throwers? They can scare some people.”

“I am not afraid of the circus!” Fang snapped.

Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

“Will you stop that?” Fang hissed.

“Take it,” Undertaker smiled, “You know you want to.”

“No, actually I don’t,”

“Take it, take it, take it,” pressed the Undertaker.

Inside, Fang knew he wanted to but his wanting to prove the Undertaker wrong. He wasn’t going to take it. Fang stood up, putting an end to the perpetual poking. Undertaker’s smiled. It was as if he knew something not even Fang knew.

“What’s that smile for?” Fang said.

“Oh, nothing,” Undertaker said aloofly.

Fang turned away and looked at the others, “Come on, you guys! We’re going home!”

There were several moans of disappointment. Shadow was naturally obedient just as Raven was. Alister smiled victoriously as he held a large water gun over his shoulders. Arisa held Penelope’s and Blue’s hand as they lifted her above the ground when there were large puddles in her way. Everyone was soaked and looked like they had a good time.

“Come on, we’ve stayed long enough,” Fang said as he corralled everyone in the direction of home.


Fang sighed as he felt the slight pressure against his back. He turned slowly and stared at the folder. His eyes eventually rose to the Undertaker.

“Do that again and I will rip your head off,” Fang threatened.

Bark worse than bite.


Fang grabbed the folder and threw it back at Undertaker. That received an angry glare from Reighn who had assumed his position on his master’s shoulder. The Undertaker just smiled. Reighn descended to the ground and picked up the sheets of paper before they got to wet. That smile only ticked Fang off more.

“Tell the Tower to find someone else for the job,” Fang turned around and walked away.

Reighn lifted the folder for him to pick up. The Undertaker picked up the folder and threw it at Fang’s back. The corner of the folder hit Fang squarely in the back and fell to the ground. Fang stopped walking. For a moment he was considering murder but then thought of his chances of getting away with it. Maybe another time and place but not now when he was surrounded by witnesses. He let out a loud sigh and kept walking. Reighn looked up at its master with narrowed eyes then slowly went to go retrieve the folder.

Once the folder was returned the Undertaker smiled wildly. Reighn gave a questionable glance at the Undertaker and in an unspoken question asked what he was smiling about.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Undertaker said allowed, “He’ll be coming back for this before long.”

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