Insanity: Chapter Sixteen


Chapter Sixteen


Fang lay in bed with a scowl on his face. It was nearly noon and he was growing tired of waiting for Shifter to show up. He had several people to take care of, including who was left of the Dancing Dragons that resided in his locked basement. Fang looked in a little notebook that he had near by. It was a list of everyone’s name and a check by them. Alister’s name was the only one unchecked. Fang sighed and sat up. He walked out of his room and walked down the hallway to Alister’s room. Fang knocked and there was no answer. He sighed and opened the door.

Alister’s room was decorated with posters of guns and the smell of weapons was thick in the air. Fang stood by Alister’s bed and looked at him. Alister was still sound a sleep, nearly for twenty four hours now. Fang understood and hadn’t woken him up. But it was getting late and Alister hadn’t even woken up to eat anything yet. Fang walked into Alister’s own bathroom gabbed a rag and soaked it in cool water. He walked back into the room and dabbed Alister’s swollen face.

The swelling had gone down immensely than what it had been before but the swelling was still obvious. At the touch of the wet rag, Alister winced in his sleep. His bruises still hurt him. Fang thought about visiting the Undertaker in case he had anything that would help with the pain. But of course he had to wait until Shifter got here.

A shadow loomed in the door way. Fang looked up and saw Shadow.

“How is he?” Shadow asked.

“He hasn’t eaten,” Fang answered, “I’ll wake him up tonight for dinner.”

A though came to Fang, “Shadow, go to the Undertaker’s and see if he had anything for bruises.”

Shadow nodded and left.

When Fang was done, he looked at his notebook and checked it off. He took the full cup of water by Alister’s bed, emptied it, and then filled it with fresh water. Fang looked Alister over again before leaving his room. He looked down the hallway. There were two other occupied rooms and their doors were opened and welcoming. Blue’s room was on the left, Shadow’s room on the right. He walked to Blue’s room and knocked on the door.

Blue’s room a neat and organized. Blue looked up from his desk and looked at Fang.

“I was going to check on Arisa. Would you like to come?” Fang asked.

Happily Blue stood up and followed. Normally boys weren’t allowed in the girl’s hallway and vice versa except for Fang that is. They walked into the hallway. Fang stopped at Raven’s room while Blue continued onto Arisa’s. Fang knocked and was allowed in. Raven had her cloak off and was changing her bandages.

Fang was relieved when they got home late last night and found the two girls there in the living room playing Scrabble. Raven told Fang that the ambulance brought them to the hospital first. There they were interviewed by the police. A nice officer offered to give them a ride home. Earlier in the evening the Undertaker stopped by to cook for them, amazingly he was pretty good, and gave them the game. Then Fang and the others came home.

Raven looked back at Fang. It looked like she was having trouble tying her bandages. Fang tied them for her.

“How are your wounds healing?” Fang asked.

“Their fine,” she said quietly.

Fang nodded and walked out of the room. He visited Penelope next. She was staring at one of her computers in the dark as usual. Her glasses were on the desk beside her. Fang flipped on the light. She looked at her with her narrow angular eyes. Then when she realized who it was her features softened.

“H-h-hello,” she said.

“Are you feeling alright?” he asked.

“Y-y-yeah,” she said, “W-w-why do you ask?”

“Just making sure,” Fang said and walked away.

In Arisa’s room, Fang saw Blue and her talking. Well, more that Arisa was talking and Blue just nodded to show he was listening. Arisa looked fine so Fang just walked back down the hallway. He was about to go back to his room when the doorbell rang. Fang stopped at the top step. He thought he knew he who it was but he was in an irritated mood. But he went to go answer the door.

“Well hello! How are you doing today?”

Fang stared at the person in front of him. The man had brown hair under a company hat that said ‘we know gardens’. His brown eyes glittered. Three others in tan uniforms stood behind him. A van that had the logo Werto’s Gardeners was parked in front of the house. Fang stared at his guest with a blank stare.

The man sighed, “You don’t recognize me do you?”

Fang stared at him.

“Come on, Fang,” the man said, “I just dyed my hair. Well, and bought some color changing contacts. Luckily the Tower reimburses me for that.”

Fang started to see familiar features in the man’s face. He ventured to say a name.

“Shifter?” Fang said.

Shifter smiled, “Oh, great, you remember!”

Fang nodded.

“Well, were here to pick up our merchandise,” Shifter’s brown eyes shined.

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