Insanity: Chapter Fifteen


Chapter Fifteen

~Final Battle-Part Three~

Penelope vanished as a ball of fire shot though where she had just been. Scar was quickly losing his patience. He didn’t realize how annoying battling a teleported could be. Yes, he had one on his team but he never had to fight her. Penelope appeared a few feet in front of him. Scar blew and as stream of flames headed to her. Penelope jumped out of the way. She stepped into the ink that was strewed on the floor. Her footing slipped and she fell into the icky liquid.

“Shoot,” she muttered, “I just bought this shirt.”

She got up to her knees and fell again. Scar threw a fire ball. Penelope teleported. The flame hit the ink but did nothing. Scar looked around for her. She was to his right, the ink splashing up as she ran. Scar snapped and threw his hand out. A small beam of flame shot out at her. Penelope jumped to one side dodging the beam of light but nearly running in to another one. She managed to dodge it too but barely. Scar took a breath and blew. She disappeared and appeared on his left. Penelope kicked him in his side. Scar fell to the ground on his right shoulder. She kicked him onto his stomach. Penelope tried to grab his hands and use her hand cuffing gadget. But he struggled and Penelope lost her grip on her invention and it fell onto the ink and was deemed useless.

Scar got up to his knees, throwing Penelope off his back. She fell back first in the slimy liquid. Scar quickly got to his feet and looked down at her. Penelope teleported, appeared above Scar, and fell on top of him. This time Scar fell on his back, grunting as Penelope gave him a solid punch. For a moment, Scar saw Penelope’s eyes behind her glasses. They were slightly different as if they had changed or he was looking at a different person. Instead of being round like they were when she stuttered they were more angular. He didn’t thing about it long. Scar took in a deep breath. Knowing what was coming, Penelope vanished. He got up without using his powers that he pretended to use to get her off her. Scar looked around expecting to see her appear somewhere.

She did appear but then she disappeared moments later. Scar looked to see her somewhere else. Penelope appeared and vanished again just like a flash. One moment she was in front of him, the next she was behind him. At his left, at his right. Close to him, far away from him. Scar was beginning to get dizzy trying to find where she was and where she would turn up next. He wanted to stop looking for her but he knew at any minute she would finally attack.

Penelope disappeared again and Scar looked around to see where she would pop up next. Only this time, she didn’t appear.

“Up here!” she said, as she fell toward him.

Scar brought his arms in a defensive ‘X’ across his body. She stepped on his crossed arms causing him to fall again. He hit the ground hard, stunning him for a few minutes. She placed her last gadget in between his hands. Her creation created the lasers that circled around his hands and set into place. Penelope jumped off of him. As breathed heavily. It was finally done. She looked around and saw Shadow fighting.

Shadow retreated as Niko threw several punches at him. He didn’t seem to worries. Secretly he knew that he was easily going to win. He was cool and collected while Niko was blinded with rage. Niko punched him repeatedly with no plan. She disappeared and appeared around him similar to what Penelope did but she didn’t disappear right away. She would punch and kick a few times then disappear. Shadow dodged her attacks easily.

He waited a while before grabbing her arm as she tried to hit him. Shadow pulled her with him as he purposely fell to the ground. He passed though the floor, bringing Niko with him. Again he was engulfed in the strange world between the walls and floors. He was used to it; in fact sometimes he preferred it. Niko however wasn’t used to it at all. She struggled for him to let her go. Shadow did. He watched her white silhouette struggle in the strange space.

He thought he heard her shouting for help. He would, just not yet. Shadow walked up to her. Well, it wasn’t really walking. It was more of a knowledge of moving. She seemed to see him walk up to her. He was a gold light shine and fade away. She was attempting to teleport.

“I’m sorry, missy,” he said, “Your powers don’t work here. Only the darkness dwells here.”

She seemed furious at hearing that. Niko tried to run at him and hit him but she nearly fell over. Things seemed a little lighter in this dimension. Shadow caught her and she struggled. He didn’t want to hurt her. It was just a matter of time before he knocked her out.

“Get me out of here!” She shouted.

“Calm down,” Shadow responded, “I will.”

Niko got out of his grasp and fell to the floor. It looked like she was in pain. It didn’t surprise Shadow. People who didn’t have dark powers could last very long in this state.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Honestly?” Shadow thought for a moment, “It’s easier and quick and I’m in a hurry.”

Niko laid down and grew still. Shadow walked over to her and picked her up in his arms. He walked out through a wall and set her down against it. She was still breathing. Niko wasn’t in there long enough to have any serious side effects other than a really bad headache. He looked around and noticed that Blue was the only one left fighting. Penelope was kneeling in a puddle of ink, too tired to get up.

Blue flipped out of the way of a chain that Yin was manipulating. The ground exploded. Yin then took the sharpest pieces of rock and sent them flying at Blue. Blue turned into a liquid form and managed to dodge them. The rocks slammed into the back wall. Some of them were so large that they broke the wall and exposed the pipe works. Blue crouched as he dodged a smaller piece of cement. After the threat passed, he changed his form back to normal and lunged at Yin.

Yin raised his hand and the long chain raised itself. He threw his arm out in front of him and the chain whipped itself toward Blue. Blue jumped and the chain passed under him and dug deep into the ground. He ran on the thin chain as Yin tried to shake him off. Blue jumped gracefully down onto the ground, just feet from Yin. With a scowl, Yin flicked his hand.

“Ahh!” Alister’s voice cried out in pain.

Blue stopped in his tracks and looked to where Alister sat chained against a wall. The chains tightened causing Alister pain.

“I’d be careful if I were you,” Yin smiled.

“Don’t mind me,” Alister said, “I’ve lasted this long. A few more minutes isn’t going to hurt.”

Yin scowled and the chains tightened again. Alister did his best to keep silent even though the pain was almost too much to bear. Blue nodded and created two sais out of ice. The chain Yin used to try to kill him shot out of the ground and aimed back around at Blue. Frustrated, Blue jumped to one side. The chain, however, turned suddenly, and came for Blue again. Blue used one of his sais to wrap the chain in. The Blue shoved the sai in to the ground and created more ice that spread outward sealing the sai and chain in place. With that taken care of, Blue crated another sai and ran toward Yin.

Yin stepped back, looking for something to defend himself. His white eyes looked at the damaged wall. He extended his arm and the pipes rattled. They broke and came to him. Blue looked behind him briefly, expecting to see the sharp pieces of metal flying at him. But instead, they flew away from him at an angle.

“I told you I’d be careful if I were you,” Yin said.

The sharpened pipes flew toward Alister. Blue turned his footing toward Alister. Alister looked wide eyed as the long daggers flew toward him. They sped with amazing speeds. They hit with a twack, thuing, thuk! Liquid hit his face as he stared wide eyed at his protector.

“Blue!” Penelope and Shadow shouted at the same time.

Blue stood in between Alister and the coming threat. The pipes protruding out of his body of ice. He had transformed his body into his water form then froze the water, therefore making him like a moving white statue. The three pipes went through him through and through. He fell to his knees as silent as ever. An icy hand gripped one of the pipes and pulled it out of his body. Blue let the pipe fall noisily to the ground. Yin scowled, flicked his wrist, and summoned more of the piped.

Blue pulled out another pipe and tried to get up. But there was a deathly cracking noise and he fell back down. Yin smiled. The worst thing that could happen to Blue right now would be for him to shatter. He threw his arm forward and the pipes flew. Just another impact and Blue would surely be done for.

A gale whipped up blowing the pipes back at Yin. He looked surprised as the pipes blew back at him. Yin blew back against the back wall, two pipes impaling his hands. Blue looked behind him. Alister smiled weakly back.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he said, “I ‘ad to repay the favor.”

Blue turned into his water form, pulled out the last pipe, and then assumed his true form. He smiled at Alister a smile of friendship.

While this was going on, Fang stood over a puddle of ink in a little room by the large one where the others were. The puma tattoo was finally put down. He looked at the ajar door and started running. Fang ran into a skinny hallway, checking every door that he passed and kept on running. A door at the end of the hallway led to a rooftop. He barged through the door and squinted in the sunlight.

“Didn’t expect ta see you ‘ere so soon, Love,” Zorah said.

Zorah stood on the edge of the roof. Fang raised his gun.

“Step down,” Fang said.

“I ain’t plannin’ in doin’ dat, Love,” Zorah turned around to face him; “My boss wouldn’t like that.”

“Your boss?” Fang asked, a scowl forming on his forehead.

“Ask your boss ‘bout it,” Zorah touched the dragon tattoo on her neck, “I’m sure they know ‘bout it. Must be why they sent ya.”

The dragon in its tattoo form squirmed and wriggled out into open air and started to grow scales. Fang fired his gun. The dragon ducked its head in time and looked at him. It squawked at him in anger before flying up into the air past the low lying clouds. Zorah smiled.

“I hate ta leave you, Love, but I really must be goin’,” Zorah smiled, “Tootles!”

She jumped off the side of the building. Fang ran to the edge just as an adult medium sized dragon fell from the sky. He got to the edge and watched Zorah ride off on the back of the dragon. Her laugh was distinctly heard as she disappeared behind the low overhanging clouds. Fang swore at the fact she got away. He walked back inside to where the others were.

Fang came back into the large room just as Blue was braking the chains that held Alister. He saw the rest of the Dancing Dragon gang all over the place. Fang walked down the steps and gained the attention of the others. Penelope looked exhausted and Shadow looked like he needed some rest. Alister definitely needed some down time. Blue was the only one who looked fine, a little out of breath maybe but fine. Fang’s mind went to Raven and Arisa.

Yeah, they weren’t going to have any more missions anytime soon.

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