Insanity: Chapter Fourteen


Chapter Fourteen

~Final Battle-Part Two~

Day Eleven

The ground shook violently and Shadow jumped over a fissure as he threw three daggers as the Niko. The four daggers flew in four directions. Shadow was beginning to get a feeling for the girl’s teleporting patterns. He landed on the ground as the girl teleported to dodge the first dagger and appeared in the path of another one. She fell to her knees as the gripped her thigh. Shadow could rest a little easier now with the teleporter temporarily out of commission. He turned his attention to D.

Spikes jetted out from the ground. Shadow ran swiftly into a cement pillar, tuning into his wall shadow form. As a shadow, Shadow’s vision was different. He saw things in black and white. The figures of people were white and everything else was black. He ran into the floor. D opened the ground or created spikes trying to break the shadow. But in the wall shadow form, Shadow was untouchable. He slithered across the room and into the wall where he jumped out behind D.

“D!” Niko shouted.

D dashed to one side. Shadow pulled out one of his daggers. He touched the floor and immediately changed directions. D had to put everything he had into dodging Shadow’s attacks. When he had the chance, D stomped his foot. The ground under Shadow’s feet rose. Startled, Shadow stopped to keep his balance. The pillar of rock rose without an end in sight. Shadow looked up and saw the ceiling coming fast.

D quickened the pace of the pillar until with a loud crash it smashed through the ceiling. As the dust and rock settled, both D and Niko held their breath. The battle just might be over. After a moment of inactivity, D turned around and smiled. He started walking back to Niko to see if she was okay. Niko smiled too until she noticed a shadow race down the tall pillar.

“Look out, D!” Niko screamed.

D scowled and started to turn around. Shadow jumped out of the pillar with dagger in hand. His red eyes were blazing with concentration. He had his arms crossed around his body as he held a dagger in his left hand. Shadow used his left arm to attack with his dagger.

Niko covered her mouth to stop her scream as she expected the worst. D saw the thread but could do nothing to defend himself. With D’s back to the attack, there was little D could do. Shadow brought his arm into a full swing for D’s neck. D closed his eyes and expected the sharp pain of the dagger. Instead, however, he felt a dull pain and then nothing. D fell to the ground unconscious with Shadow sanding over him, breathing heavily.

The girl just stared as she watched the scene play out. Instead of cutting D like she had expected, Shadow had hit D in the neck with the butt of the dagger causing D to lay still. The hit was I enough to keep D unconscious for a good few hours. Niko looked up at Shadow. He looked at her with his red eyes. It looked like he was waiting for her to get up. And in fact, he was.

Normally, Shadow wouldn’t have waited. His time with Fang had been a good influence. Niko scowled and pulled the dagger out of her thigh. She tore a piece of her clothing and wrapped her thigh in it to stop the bleeding. When she was ready, she stood up and looked at Shadow. He nodded and smiled. Then he charged at her.

Across the large room. Blue and Pria had their duel. Yin stood a little ways away, not moving but watching. If Blue managed to defeat Pria, Yin wanted him all to himself to beat.

Blue ran at Pria who stood nonmoving. She looked at him with those unfocused eyes as if she could see his soul. When he grew closer she closed her eyes and disappeared. Blue stopped, shocked at her sudden disappearance. He looked around to see her but she was gone. In fact, he couldn’t see anyone. His friends and his enemies were all gone. As he looked closer at his surroundings he wasn’t in the building anymore.

Hallways of blue stretched in every direction. He looked around and saw no one. Blue’s face was one of confusion. He was just fighting, wasn’t he? Something in him stirred. It was a certain fear he hadn’t felt in a long time. He looked closer on the walls of the hallways. All of the hallways were riddled with scratches, scorch marks and other unnatural marks. Suddenly Blue found it hard to breath. He clenched his breath and tried to keep air moving into them. His eyes darted back and forth in fear, looking for a way out. Out of this nightmare, this reality, this place. Out of the Labs, the Torture Den, the Place of Living Hell. He wanted, needed, to get out of Crawford Labs.

“Hello?” a little voice said behind him.

Blue jumped, expecting the worst. Instead, a little girl stood there. She smiled at him. He searched through memories that he had wanted to forget forever. But it didn’t take long to remember who she was. She was the girl who sacrificed herself to save him.

“Hey, Blue!” She laughed as she recognized him. Then her smile faded, “What are you doing back here? Did they get you after all this time?”

Blue looked around. He wasn’t sure how he got here and something inside him didn’t like it. This situation didn’t seem right.

“Blue?” the girl questioned, “You still don’t talk? That’s sad. I hope the Injection didn’t…you are okay right?”

Blue nodded.

The girl sighed, “Come on, I’ll help you get out again! This way!”

Blue shook his head. He looked at the ground and found a rock. He used the rock to scratch a crescent moon on the ground. Then he rolled the rock toward the girl he had once called his friend. He watched her closely as if expecting her to do something.

The girl took a rock and drew a flower. Blue scowled. He flicked his wrist, creating and sending water that engulfed her and froze. It was silent as he stood up.

“Well that wasn’t nice,” a voice said behind him.

He turned and looked into Pria’s eyes. She wore a doctor’s uniform, much like the ones the doctors who worked in Crawford Labs wore. She sighed.

“I guess I should have read your mind more,” she said as she looked at the picture of the moon, “What does that mean anyway?”

Naturally Blue said nothing.

“I could just read your mind for the answer, you know,” she stated.

Still Blue said nothing.

Pria sighed and closed her eyes. She easily ventured into Blue’s mind. Surprisingly, he didn’t try resisting. She saw the girl she had replicated and Blue sitting in a cell together.

“You know,” the girl said, “we should have a secret code!”

Blue looked up at the girl with confusion in his eyes. His hair was still brown and so were his eyes.

You know, something that can tell that it is really us. Just in case the scientists do something to us or something like that. Or maybe we’ll escape but get separated somehow. With a secret code we’ll know that it’s us!” she smiled at her idea.

Blue yawned. He looked tired which explained why he wasn’t so talkative as usual. His shoulders rose and fell in a shrug. It seemed like an interesting idea.

“I think you’re a moon,” she said suddenly, “and I’m a sun.”

Blue looked at her like she was crazy.

“I heard the Moroko Twins in Cell F5 talking about it! They said that everyone is either a moon or a sun,” she saw Blue’s skepticism, “It’s true! I spent all of Free Time today looking at everyone and how they acted. Misu is a moon. Kyle is a moon. John is totally a sun and so is Karu. Noon’s are mellower and think things through first. Sun’s are all about action, action, action and go more on instinct. You are a moon and I am a sun.”

Blue smiled and nodded his head. He found a piece of chalk that he stole from the Testing Room where they gave you your shots. Blue drew a crescent moon then handed the chalk to the girl. She smiled and extended the corners of the moon to make a whole circle, then she drew squiggles from the sun side. The girl sat back, looking at their work and nodded approvingly.

“So this is it! That’s out secret code!” she smiled, “You can’t tell anyone! Promise? Cross you heart!”

Blue smiled raised his right hand and crossed his heart with his left. They both started laughing.

Pria started to leave Blue’s mind. She opened her eyes and saw a tear in Blue’s eye. She didn’t shiver as ice started to engulf her. The illusion was starting to dissolve as Blue manipulated the water. Pria smiled and closed her eyes again as the ice reached her neck. She wasn’t afraid of death. In fact, she was rather looking forward to it. She didn’t have a real purpose in the world she knew. Sure she had to do what Zorah told her but other than that she didn’t have a role. She was just happy that she could have what it was like to see what a true friend felt like.

I’m sorry.

“Pria!” Yin shouted.

Her statue of ice stood motionless. Her illusion had completely fallen and Blue turned his attention to Yin. The furry in Yin’s eyes was evident. He had expected her to loose but not for this person to kill her. Yin ran to Pria and cried. After a while he looked at Blue with pure hatred. He shouted at Blue and ran at him. Blue took a step back and prepared to attack.

Fang stood where he was and stared at Zorah. She smirked at him. Zorah made the first move. Fang reached into his sleeve and pulled out a small thin dagger and threw it. Zorah gasped in pain when the dagger grazed her arm. She looked and her thunder bird had a red slash right through it. Shoot she was thinking of using it again. She touched a snake tattoo on her chest. It came to life, growing in size, filling up a good portion of the room.

The snake hissed at him. Fang ran at it. He noticed out of the corner of his eye he saw Zorah run up some stairs and through a metal door. Fang sighed. She was trying to run away. He decided to make quick work of the snake. Fang ran at the snake. The snake lunged forward, fangs ready to strike. When it was close enough, Fang jumped to one side. The snake’s head hit the floor. Fang raised his gun aiming for the snake’s eye. He fired, a blue streak of light headed for the snake. The bullet hit its eye. Instead of bleeding blood it bled ink. The black liquid fell to the ground. Unfortunately, Fang experienced one of his rare misses. The snake was injured and blind, yes, but it was a long way from dead. Fang swore under his breath as he ran around trying to get a better field of view.

The snake lifted its head in rage and pain. It let out a long agitated hiss. It looked around with its good eye for the one who did this to it. Fang reached a part of the snake’s long body and jumped onto its back. The snake saw him and hissed with revenge. It attacked again as Fang ran on its back. When it was about to strike him, Fang jumped. The snake’s head zoomed under him, biting itself and splattering its own ink blood everywhere. Fang aimed his gun. The blue light was followed by an agonized hiss. The snake raised its head. Slowly, from head to tail, the giant snake turned into a puddle of ink. Fang landed on his feet, avoiding the black liquid, and looked toward the stairs where Zorah had disappeared to. He looked at the others they looked fine. Quickly, he ran to catch up to her.

Beyond the metal door was another room. It was smaller than the other ones. There was another door on the other side of the room. The door was slightly ajar. Fang was about to run toward it when he heard a low growl. He looked up at the balcony above. A puma growled at him.

“Great,” he muttered, “I hate mountain lions.”

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