Insanity: Chapter Nine


Chapter Nine

~Wolf Walkers Walk Again~

Day Nine

“Once again there was a robbery last night. This time it was at the Island Bank on Gilbert Lane. Local police are saying that it is committed by the same people who have been robbing banks all over the Island. For those of you who are keeping track, this is the third robbery in a row.”

“Stacy, is it true that even the Tower is getting involved?”

“It’s not clear but The Tower has given a response. They sent out a printed statement as usual, Dave. It basically says not to worry and take all your money out of the banks. That would just make the situation worse. They also ask the locals to cooperate with the authorities in catching the criminals that did this. It also makes very clear that the Tower will not get involved in the matter. Personally, I was hoping the Tower would get involved. Back to you Dave.”

“Thanks Stacy. Moving on with today’s news…”

Fang reclined on the living room couch. It was a hot day out and everyone was inside wondering what to do. As usual, Blue and Arisa were playing together with a board game of Chutes and Ladders. Raven watched them. Penelope was reading a manga she had just gotten by illegally hacking into a website database and making herself the sweepstakes winner. Alister and Shadow were both in the pool house.

After they finished their first mission, they hadn’t had another one since. Alister would hear from the grapevine that one of the other teams got a mission overseas or a really cool Island based mission and that didn’t help the mood of the others. The felt understandably rejected by the Tower. But Fang understood. They didn’t have that much of a record yet. Once they made a name for themselves, however, the Tower would surly send them on more important missions.

Fang watched the news. The robberies had been going on now for about three days with no end in sight. He occasionally wondered if the robberies were in retaliation of Victor Anthony’s arrest but soon was against it. Without someone to cover them, the gangs and troublemakers would think twice. Until they got a new leader, that is.

He was thinking about this when the phone rang. Arisa got up and ran to the phone.

“Hello? Hi, Mr. Undertaker, how are you doing today?” she said reciting the proper way to answer the phone like Fang had taught her.

“Oh, okay,” she said, “Fang, it’s for you.”

She held the phone at arm’s length. Fang got up from the couch and walked over. He took the phone from her.

“Hello,” he said.

“Well, hello, sunshine,” the Undertaker’s distinct voice said, “hope you aren’t to board today.”

Fang looked around the room, “We’ve had better days.”

“Well, I have a package for you. When will you be by to pick it up?”

“Now,” Fang said.

“We’ll be seeing you then,” the Undertaker hung up.

Fang put the phone down and grabbed his coat off of the back of the couch.

“I’ll going out,” he said to those in the room.

He walked to the Undertaker’s shop. The bell rang and Reighn sat up straight from his writing. He rang the bell on his tail to summon the Undertaker. As usual the Undertaker appeared a few moments later. He smiled at Fang with his insane smile.

“Did you see the news today?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Fang answered.

“Then you heard about the Tower’s statement,” the Undertaker laughed.

“About not getting involved,” Fang nodded, “Yeah, I saw that.”

“They may not be getting involved but you and your team are,” Undertaker reached under the desk and pulled out an envelope, “That should have all the information you need.”

Fang took it, “Thanks.”

He turned around and left.

“I’ll be seeing you,” Undertaker laughed.

“Yeaps,” Reighn nodded.

Back in the house, Fang walked past all the questionable stared and went to his room to look though the folder. In his room, he took off his coat and sat on his bed. He looked though the file. There were blurred pictures of the get-away car and of some people in black masks. There was some notation that the emergency 911 button didn’t work during the robberies and that the cameras, cell phones, and other gadgets went out in a five block radius for the duration of the robberies. The pictures were captured just before they went out or just after. There were some witness statements about them having automatic weapons. Another said that they didn’t say anything at all. The average length of the robberies was less than five minutes. After an hour of looking through the data, Fang took the file and walked down stairs.

It was time for lunch and Shadow had cooked seeing Fang walk up to his room. Everyone was already sitting and eating when Fang walked in. Fang walked over to Penelope and set down a few pages and pictures.

“Figure out what they used and see if you can clear up the image,” he said.

He walked over to Alister and set a few more pages, “Find out what weapons these witnesses are describing.”

“All right, all right, Mr. Bossy,” Alister muttered.

“Please,” Fang said as he walked over to Raven.

“Well, now, that better,” Alister nodded his head.

“And make sure you ask your sources if they know anything about the robberies,” Fang continued.

“Will, do.”

“Raven,” Fang turned his attention to her, “I’d like it if you could get a list of all the banks there are on the island and a list of the ones they have already robbed.”

Raven nodded. Penelope looked angry. She could do that job much better than Raven could.

“Shadow,” Fang moved on, “I’d like you to go down to the Alleys and see what you hear.

“You got it boss,” Shadow said as he stretched.

“What can I do?” Arisa asked eagerly.

Fang looked at Blue, “Blue, keep her distracted.”

Blue nodded dutifully as Arisa opened her mouth to protest.

“‘Ow come ol’ Blue ‘ere always gets the easy job?” Alister asked.

“Because that’s how I want it,” Fang said as he sat down in his seat, “Now if you don’t mind, would someone please pass the potatoes.”


The Alleys

Shadow walked around the alleys. He felt at home here with the alley walls around him. After all, this type of environment was where Fang found him in the first place. He came across a group of people. They glanced at him and he nodded back. The kind of nod that said don’t mind me, I’m just passing though.

Then when they turned away, Shadow leaned against the wall. He seemed to soak into the wall, turning into a shadow himself. He walked in the wall as an unnoticed shadow. He moved closer until he was on the same wall as the others and listened.

“You hear ‘bout Tristan?” one said.

“Yea, man! He be going round bragin’ ‘bout bein’ part of dat robin’, man!” said another.

“He ‘bout ta git hiself kilt if he keep dat up, dude,” said the third man.

“Tristan always been saying stuff, man!” said the second man.

“The dude be one crazy fool,” the first one.


The Mansion

Penelope stared at the scans of the pictures. The glare of the screen was clear in her glasses. She was waiting as one of the pictures cleared and zoomed. She looked away and typed on a laptop. Penelope looked online looking for a device capable of killing signals and cameras but had no luck. Then she realized that the device was probably homemade and started looking though

Her computer chimed and she looked at the pictures and smiled.

“Bingo!” she shouted.

Fang sat in his room. He looked at what was left of the file when he sensed something. Fang reached for his gun and aimed it at the wall.

“Calm down,” a voice whispered, “It’s just me.”

A shadow shifted.

“Come out, Shadow,” Fang placed his gun back in its holster.

Shadow stepped out of the wall. He smiled.

“I have information,” Shadow said.

“Let’s hear it,” Fang nodded.

“There seems to be someone by the name of Tristan that claims he was one of the ones that robbed the banks. There is a high possibility that this person is just moving his mouth but I think he’s worth looking in to. He might have some information worth pursuing.”

“I’ll look into it,” Fang said.

“You know,” Shadow observed, “I’ve never seen you use that gun.”

“And maybe you never will,” Fang answered.

“Fang, Fang, Fang, Fang!” Penelope barged into the room.

She gave him a big hug then ran around the room.

“I looked into the pictures and I found something interesting!” she shouted.

“Care to share?” Shadow asked.

“One of the pictures got a glimpse of one of the robber’s wrists. It had a very distinct tattoo on it.”

“What was the tattoo?” Fang asked.

“It was of a Dancing Dragon!” Penelope laughed.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Shadow asked.

“The Dancing Dragon Gang! They are the most notorious gang in the whole Island!” Penelope explained.

“Interesting,” Fang smiled, “It’s about time we had some fun around here.”

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