Insanity Chatacters

Here you will find a list of characters, places and terms of interest for the Insanity chapters.

Characters – Protagonist

Alister Strider – Former Police Officer, trigger happy, related to Undertaker, red hair and orange eyes

Blue – most of his childhood was spent as test subject, blue hair and eyes, can manipulate water, never says anything

Penelope Patience – dual personality, purple eyes, black hair, expert hacker

Shadow Peirce – expert in daggers and knives, black hair red eyes, can walk in walls as a shadow

Undertaker – mysterious shop owner, formally involved with the Tower, most consider him insane, long grey hair, always wears a grey cloak

Arisa Bolverich – Twelve years old, has fire powers and pyromaniac tendencies, white hair and gold eyes.

Fang – main character, white and black hair, leader in black group with the Tower, former assassin uses a single silver gun, very intelligent

Raven Crow – mysterious girl, always wears a dark purple cloak, green eyes and purple hair, often goes into a battle rage

Reighn – an island creature called a Neuw, acts very human, Undertaker’s assistant, has a tail, pearl fur color, six inches tall, ‘nope’ and ‘yep’ are the only English words he can say

Characters – Antagonist

Black Rose – controls plants

Nest – really smart, power of nullification

Flare – controls fire

Zero – leader

Characters – Other

D – member of Dancing Dragons, has rock powers

Niko – member of Dancing Dragons, has teleportation

Scar – member of Dancing Dragons, fire powers

Zorah – member of Dancing Dragons, cam make her tattoos come to life, may be a part of something else

Ibid – member of the circus, can multiply self

Riff – member of the circus, controls animals

Vise – member of the circus, can absorb and release energy

Thomas – don’t really need to know him

Tristan – a nobody really

Kitty – member of Dancing Dragons, has cat powers

Pria – member of Dancing Dragons, has psychic powers

Yin – member of Dancing Dragons, can manipulate objects

Edonya – Member of the circus, has a kind of mimicking power

Lire – the clown in the circus, enjoys blowing things up

Thae – member of the circus, has similar powers to Shadow

Sage Tariq – Tower Director

Shifter – mysterious Tower Agent

Victor Anthony – head of crime in the Alley


Alleys – a network of intertwined alleyways, home of many gangs and drug dealers

Pawn Shop – Undertaker’s business, used as a place where Agents get their information

Underground – a place in the Alleys where gangs go to make deals, trade members, duke it out and party

Island – an unknown Island, undetectable, where the others can reside relatively peacefully

Tower – an organization that works at keeping world peace, protecting Others and humans alike


Agents – those who work for the Tower

Others – mutated humans, either born with or obtained power through dying

Black Team – teams that do missions for the Tower, unofficially

Thunderbird – a large bird with a piercing screech and deadly lightning powers

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