By Aplabw


Everything’s perfect.

The pieces of the puzzle fit together,

Gears fall into their groves,

In control of the beginning, middle and end.

Like a novel.

The novel.

There’s one that sits in my computer placed in the hands of thousands.

I’d settle for hundreds.

Moving forward,

Each step constantly thrusting me forward in space and time.

Knowledge strapped to my belt.

A hat tossed in the air.

Going forward into my place in life.

Finding my place,

Fitting right in.

Stay put for the next thirty years.

Check local listings,

Shake a few hands,

Find myself a quiet neighborhood.

Two bedrooms would be nice.

Take care of the family.

Be the good kid.

Send money.

Take care of the family.

Find someone?

It’d be nice.


I’d grow old, maybe still write.

Get some cats, a bunch of them.

Really, play it up.

When you’re that old, why not, right?

Sit on the porch and watch the sunset.

Live a good life.

Die a quiet death.


Chances are…

Things won’t end up that way.

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1 Response to Dreams

  1. Carleen Pedersen says:

    We’ll never know what’s ahead…til we get there. But one thing is sure: God knows what’s ahead; He planned it all! And He has good things in store for those who dare to take ahold of His Hand.

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