Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day


That’s right! It’s May 8th, Mother’s Day! If you’re reading this and didn’t know that…well…oops. I would call your mother if I were you. With that aside, I would like to use this post to talk about my own mother.

My mother has been through a lot the past thirteen or so years, through it didn’t start there. She met my father in her home country and they decided to get married. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have children do they decided to adopt instead. And so my brother and I entered the picture five years apart.

After my dad died of lung cancer, mom stepped up and raised us as a single mom. It hasn’t been easy. There have been tough times. But there have also been memorable ones.

I remember her trying to help me with my algebra homework every day after school and how she tried to make it easier to understand. She also was more than happy to deal with my friends and I with our craziness. Somehow she is tolerant of the organized mess that I have in my room. (I swear I know where everything is). She has been there when I need a shoulder to cry on when the stress is just too much. Sure we have our arguments and our disagreement but we always end up on good terms again.

My mom is always there for my brother through his teenage apathy. When he does want to talk, she’s there waiting. She moved heaven and earth to get him the best education that she could. One that would best fit his ADHD diagnosis even if some of the teachers were not cooperating. She has been his advocate even if he doesn’t always realize it.

And there’s Echo! The family dog! Mom had long said that she would never let a pet into the house…until Echo. The biggest hairiest thing that has ever walked into our house. Sure the cleanliness in the house has declined but Echo’s love more than makes up for it.

Her symbol is a bumble bee. They are always flitting from flower to flower focusing on going home to take care of the hive. She somehow manages to keep a clean house, takes care of my brother and I, does her job, and garden. Moms are known for their amazing multitasking but just watching my own mom makes me realize just how hard working they are. They definitely deserve a day reserved for them.

How are we going to celebrate mothers say? We’re going to watch a family fall apart at the seams and fight each other in an epic civil war that tears friendships apart in colorful explosions…with super powers!

It’ll be fun!

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  1. Sarah Abigail says:

    What a nice tribute to your mom! I’m sure these well-deserved words of appreciation were a blessing to her on Mother’s Day.

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