Like A Simile

Like a Simile

 by Aplabw

I am like a platypus,

Different parts sewn together.


I laugh like an asthmatic.


I’m as insecure as a groundhog,

Hiding in my hole underground.


I smile like Joker.


I’m as dependable as an echo.


I am like pancit,

A dish mixed with everything,

Good and bad together.


I’m as extroverted as an introvert.


I am like a stew,

Allowed to simmer and think,

Become better with time.


LogoJust a little poem I wrote for my Creative Writing class. We had to write a poem using just similes. I decided to base the structure off of a ballade and mixing it up a little by adding a little more to it. Also it doesn’t rhyme. I kind of like this better than my Where I’m From poem. What do you guys think?

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3 Responses to Like A Simile

  1. Carleen Pedersen says:

    I don’t look at you like this at all! I look at you like a jewel, somewhat protruding from the rock, partly still embedded. Actually, we’re all like that: still trying to discover who God created us to be! You have a lot of good traits, Aplabw, so just keep being who you are and let God mold and shape you into the masterpiece He has designed you to be.

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  2. Sarah Abigail says:

    Your descriptions are fun!

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