Little Bird

Little Bird

by Burning Lotus


In the midst of a dream, a little bird called out to me

She called out for me from inside a lush forest

She said follow my voice, and hear my soul’s story

I walked the beaten path distancing myself from reality

Deeper into the forest she drew me with her siren’s song

Deeper, deeper, and deeper still

Until she appeared to me as an apparition like image

Perched upon a lowly branch, upon a lonely tree

Perched upon a lowly branch, so deep inside of me


I asked her, “What is your name?”

She said, “I’ll tell you after you’ve listened to what it is that I’ve to say.”
I said, “Okay.”


She told me of a man that came from distant foreign lands

This man he smelled of orchard peach and frank incense, ever so sweet

He wandered into the forest in search of treasures, valuables

She told him that none of them exists within this idle, lifeless forest

She told him that there was no hope in the jewels and gold that he beseeched

He said, “I seek not only jewels, my dear bird, not only gold can appease,”

But the heart of you, dear bird, I wish to grind to spice my tea.

I wish to feed upon you, bird, so that you may live inside of me,

And no one can stop me. No…

No one will stop me.”


Of course he didn’t listen, gave himself over to male intuition

Dug a hole into the ground around the lonely tree

Broke the branch upon which she sat, watched her fall to his feet

She clutched her broken wing, as tears filled her eyes

He put his hand around her beak to hush her moans, her sighs, her screams.

Ground her bones into meal to bake the bread on which he feeds

Broke her heart into many pieces, so that it no longer beat

“you’re the icing on my cake, dear bird, my tarty little treat.

I’ll never let you go, my bird, because you belong to me.

You belong to me.”


The bird cried out, heart wrenching pain in agony

She said, “He wants to eat you, just like he ate me!!”

I asked, “Who are you?”

She said, “This is me.”

I asked, “This is who?”

She said, “You are me.”


LogoBurning Lotus lives and attends college in Madison, WI. She draws inspiration from the tiniest everyday things as well as her dreams on a larger scale. She began writing two years ago, and has recently dove into the world of poetry and fan fiction.


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