Thadus Characters

 Quarian HeadRal’Sima vas Xaewan nar Rayya

  • Race: Quarian
  • Class: Engineer
  • Age: 18

Having been chased off their homeworld Rannoch 300 years ago, the quarians have been nomadic space wanderers. Their Migrant Fleet is the largest fleet in the galaxy with Military, Civilian, Heavy and Patrol fleets.

They engineered the geth originally for manual labor until their creations developed a collective consciousness and grew closer and closer to AI status, artificial intelligence. In an attempt to fix their mistake, they tried to wipe out the geth. The geth fought back and won Rannoch.

The quarians have been trying to retake the homewold ever since.

Salarian HeadPazor Waerlann

  • Race: Salarian
  • Class: Infiltrator
  • Age: 20

Salarians are the second species to join the Council at the Citadel. From the planet Sur’Kesh, the salarians have a hyperactive metabolism. Everything they do is fast. They think, talk an move very quickly. To them, everyone else are slow and sluggish.  Because of their high metabolism, they live comparatively short lifespans. Most salarians rarely live past 40.

Both the salarians and turians had a role to play in the advancement, or uplifting, of the krogan to fight a powerful enemy. Afterwards, the krogan started spreading out through the galaxy. To counteract the krogans progress, the best salarian scientists pulled together and created the genophage. The bio-weapon was effective at sterilizing the krogan an keeping their numbers under control.

The salarian believe what they did was necessary and right.

Krogan HeadKhal Tevrak

  • Race: Krogan
  • Class: Sentinel
  • Age: 1000

The krogan are a bipedal reptile-like species from the planet Tuchanka, a planet infamous for its harsh environment and frightening predators. But even with all that, the krogan flourished under those conditions. However, as they became more and more advanced they ended up destroying each other and their homeworld in a nuclear war.

After helping the council races defeat an enemy, the salarians sterilized their whole race. The genophage, the bio-weapon the salarians came up with, caused only 1 out of 1000 krogan to survive birth. With their numbers dwindling and resources becoming scarce, most krogan leave the planet to become mercenaries while the ones left are reduced to primitive warring tribes.

Krogan have a redundant system. Meaning they have two hearts, four lungs and four testicles.

Human HeadWidow

  • Race: Human
  • Class: Adept
  • Age: 30

Humans are the newest species to enter the galactic stage originating from Earth. Only recently were they accepted into the Council on the Citadel.

The humans first got the attention of the rest of the galaxy in the First Contact War with the turians in 2157. The turians attacked a human fleet that was trying to activate a dormant mass relay and occupied the colony of Shanxi. The Citadel Council found out about the skirmish and immediately attempted brokering peace. Since then, however, the has always been tension between humans and turians.

Since then, humanity continued to expand and occupy star systems on the ends of Citadel space.

Turian HeadVicia Bellanis

  • Race: Turian
  • Class: Vanguard
  • Age: 28

The turians are known for their military might and were the third race to join the Council. They are from Palaven and helped defeat the krogan when they rebelled against the Council. The turians were the ones who deployed the genophage the salarians made. The Council tasked the turians for protecting Citadel space.

Even though they lack the brutality of the krogan, or the biotic skill of the asari, or the adaptability of the humans, the turians are known for their discipline. At the age of 15, begin military boot camp. Before being sent out on a field unit, soldiers must receive a year of training and officers must train for even longer. Even if turian injuries themselves preventing service in the front-lines, they do support work behind the scenes.

While turian biotics are uncommon, they aren’t unheard off. They are assigned to special teams called Cabals. However, most common soldiers distrust them.

Geth HeadConsensus

  • Race: Geth
  • Class: Soldier
  • Age: ???

The geth or the “servant of the people” are a race of networked AI’s, artificial intelligence, created by the quarian people. After becoming self-aware, the geth asked if “this unit has a soul” sending panic through out the quarian people and they descended into war. The geth won the war allowing the quarians to escape.

Part of the geth’s success is due to their neural network. They share their processing power, sharing low-level processes like motor control and visual identification to free up bandwidth for higher reasoning and complex thought. An individual geth has only basic intelligence while in groups they can reason and make tactical decisions. An average geth is made up of hundreds of VIs working together equivalent to “a thousand voices talking at once”. Special geth have sometimes have over 11 times as many programs as standard geth, allowing them to think and function even by themselves.

There are several subtypes of geth including Pyros, Primes, Hunters, and Armatures.

Varren HeadUrz aka Prince Grimrender of Gembat

  • Race: Varren
  • Class: Best Pet Ever
  • Age: 5

Varren are pack hunters and scavengers from the planet Tuchanka. Their ability to live in almost any environment and rapid breeding cycle make them very dangerous pests on many planets. Where the krogan have been, a varren infestation will be soon to follow.

Varren have been both loved and hated by the krogan. While they viewed as loyal and treasured companions, krogan often have to fight them for land and to protect their clans. Many species raise varren as war beasts.

Drell HeadRanik

  • Race: Drell
  • Class: Engineer
  • Age: 24

The drell are a reptilian race rescued from their overpopulated, dying world by the hanar. Out of gratitude, the drell serve as the hanar arms and legs. Since the drell originate from rocky arid deserts, living in the ocean-covered hanar homeworld requires special climate-controlled domes.

Drell also posses an eidetic memory, able to experience memories as if they were reliving it.

Asari HeadAs’sha

  • Race: Asari
  • Class: Engineer
  • Age: 200

Asari are from the planet Thessia and are viewed as the galaxies most beautiful and respected species. They are known especially for their biotic abilities. Asari are a mono-gendered race with no distinction between male and female, though they appear female in appearance.

Thessia has large amounts of element zero resulting in all asari developing biotic capabilities. Though all asari can use biotics not all chose to develop them for military purposes.

Collector CaptianCollector General

  • Race: Collectors
  • Class: General
  • Age: ???

The collectors are an elusive race of humanoid insects. They stayed beyond the Omega 4 Relay before Commander Shepard destroyed their base. Those that survived joined the Reapers in destroying all sapient life in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Collectors were originally Protheans, the dominant race that were wiped out during the previous galactic cleansing. The Reapers indoctrinated several Protheans and made them turn against their kind, hastening their extinction. As time went on, the Reapers genetically altered the indoctrinated Prothean to fit their needs. With these changes the Protheans appearance changed. Without the influence of the Reapers, the collectors wouldn’t be able to function.

Zha'Ril Female HeadNych

  • Race: Zha’kril
  • Class: Pirate Princess
  • Age: 25

The Zha’kril are a new species that live in the Andromeda galaxy. They were originally a species that lived alongside the Protheans known as the Zha. The Zha implanted themselves with AI technology, enhancing their intelligence and altering their bodies to adapt to their dying homeworld. After the implants, they became the Zha’til.

When the Reapers came, they used the AI’s in the Zha’til and changed them on a cellular level. They turned into synthetic monsters that the Protheans called “mechanical swarms”. When they attacked cities they “blotted out the sky”. To stop the Zha’til the Protheans were forced to send the star of the system into supernova and destroying most of the Zha’til.

Some Zha’til who were not affected managed to escape. However, when the Mass Relay was destroyed in the blast the escaping ships were sent off course and ended up in the Andromeda galaxy. The survivors ended up on the planet Thadus and changed their names to the Zha’kril.


  • Race: Varies
  • Class: Varies
  • Age: ???

Husks come in many forms depending on the species indoctrinated by a Reaper. They are unable to think for themselves and are used in great numbers by the Reapers to overwhelm the enemy. One alone isn’t to hard to deal with but the more there are the easier it is to get overwhelmed.

Their appearance throughout different forms of species is the grey, rotting-like skin color. Tubes are twisted in and out of what is left of their body and their eyes often glow blue in color. Cybernetics are used to modify the appearance of an indoctrinated host. The creation of husks is complicated. Organics are place on strange Reaper spikes and are slowly transformed.

Info Based on Mass Effect Wiki
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