Mass Effect: Thadus

This fan fiction is based off the amazing game trilogy taking place between the third and the upcoming fourth game, Andromeda. Join Ral-Sima vas Zaewan as she and five others as they fight against the Reapers. Ral is an engineer on a ship the SSV Kolkata heading to the Crucible when they are attacked by Reaper forces. The six protagonists end up stranded on a desert planet. Will they be able to return to their respective homeworlds.

Characters Check back frequently for Character Updates

Chapter One: Ral’Sima vas Zaewan

Chapter Two: Not in Tatooine

Chapter Three: Welcome Party

Chapter Four: Swarm of the Stars

Chapter Five: Far from Home

Chapter Six: Mistrust

Chapter Seven: The Deal

Chapter Eight: The Long Walk

Chapter Nine: The Prothean AI

Chapter Ten: The Traveler

Chapter Eleven: Weeding Out

Chapter Twelve: To the Unknown

Chapter Thirteen: Safe

Chapter Fourteen: Bonding

Chapter Fifteen: The Ruins

Chapter Sixteen: The Compound

Chapter Seventeen: An Empty Husk

Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect. This is a form of fiction and I in no way claim to own Mass Effect or anything affiliated with it.
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